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4555 Dacoma St, Suite 200Houston, TX 77092 United States

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To provide faith-based training and coaching to anyone who desires long-term employment.



To provide faith-based training and coaching for anyone who desires long-term employment.


Our vision is to create a marketplace where work and faith connect. We plan to achieve this by providing faith-based training and coaching for anyone who desires long-term employment.

Every day, we live out our mission by offering a wide variety of employment services that can be simplified and divided into a three categories: courses, coaching, and community.

WorkFaith offers several virtual and in-person courses to support individuals in their job search or current employment: like our Job Search Accelerator or WorkFaith Academy Classes that include Impact Certification, Financial Courses and so much more.

Additionally, we have a wide variety of virtual Career Coaching services to grow individuals professionally and to help them become more competitive in the marketplace.


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by Marina C. from PH (November 9, 2021)
I also learned a lot as a volunteer. The people at WorkFaith are very professional yet very personable & accommodating. They are very organized and have a sincere concern for each & every volunteer. They see to it you also benefit from their organization. They provide opportunities to grow.
by Clarke O. from Cypress, TX (April 24, 2018)
Greatly enjoyed my opportunity to help with mock interviewing participants of the job readiness bootcamp. Felt great to help folks prepare for this critical aspect of job finding, especially helping them to gain confidence in themselves and applying the skills they learned. This will be one of my regular volunteer organizations. Looking forward to next time (next week).
by Volunteer D. from Houston, TX (June 29, 2017)
What an amazing opportunity to serve here! There are so many ways to volunteer and get involved!
by Lewis R. (January 21, 2012)
The WorkFaith Connection does great deeds for the men and women of Houston, TX. I had a life changing experience volunteering with the staff and participants of The WorkFaith Connection.
by Maureen P. (January 21, 2012)
I volunteer to do mock interviews for the Workfaith Connection men and women and I love it because the graduates tell me that I contribute to their success. I also love the staff - they have succeeded in building a system and a process that really and truly (check the statistics) help people get employment. They do things no government agency could do because they care so much about their graduates.
by Steven B. (January 20, 2012)
I am more impressed with Work Faith every time I volunteer there, and I look forward to participating as much as I can in 2012. This organization is truly making a difference in people's lives, applying Christ-centered principles in very real and effective efforts to get their students moving forward and putting the demons that have previously dragged them down permanently behind them. The program also affords great opportunities for the volunteers to contribute in very meaningful ways and participate in "doing the Lord's work"! In truth, every time I leave one of the mock interview sessions I feel that I got much more than I gave.
by MARVIN M. (January 19, 2012)
The WorkFaith Connection (WFC) is a great organization that is making a difference in our community. They are about “changed” lives. WFC is a Christian based organization that meets the spiritual needs of a person while providing the individual with the tools, skills and confidence they will need to conduct a successful job search.
by Robert J. (January 19, 2012)
I constantly promote WorkFaith Connection among my friends and acquaintances as an ideal place to volunteer their time. The clients are committed, enthusiastic and appreciative for the help, direction and learning they receive. The staff, many of whom are graduates, are professional, dedicated, empathetic, and compassionate. WFC has an amazing 70%+ success rate in placing their graduates in jobs and they do this without any government funding or subsidies. If you're still not sure, check their calendar and attend a Graduation Ceremony (no appointment necessary). If you're not hooked after that, then you have no heart for helping others. Help as much as you can or as little as you like. Either way your life will be enriched and others will benefit.
by Gina E. (January 19, 2012)
Hope springs forth! If ever you have looked for a job for very long, you know the discouragement of that process!! As a volunteer, I have been able to connect with people when they needed it most -- with a smile, a hug, a good word or a possibility! I feel WorkFaith has allowed me to use my best skills and challenged me to develop a few more to help people. The staff is very professional, yet kind and supportive of anyone who comes in the door, whether future student or volunteer. The goal to stay Christ-centered is quite impressive!
by Marguerite M. (December 21, 2011)
The Workfaith Connection is a place where no-one is turned away. The Welcome Center at The Workfaith Connection is exactly that, this is the first place anyone who walks through the doors of The Workfaith Connection is Welcomed,you are greeted with a warm smile, a hug and then you are offered water or coffee, before you are seated. The role of a volunteer at The Workfaith Connection is not a job, it is exciting and rewarding. Come and check us out - or 281-833-3435.

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