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Mission Statement

The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc. (KUF), is dedicated to helping millions of Americans - young and old - avoid the debilitating effects of kidney, urinary and related diseases. The group is also devoted to fostering groundbreaking research that will result in new and more desirable treatments for these disorders. The Kidney & Urology Foundation was formed to focus more aggressively on kidney and urology research, and to nurture the development of new therapies. Currently, some 70 million Americans - that's one in four people -- suffer from some form of kidney or urologic disease. Through its research funding, conferences, and sponsorship of interdisciplinary and multi-hospital initiatives, the Kidney & Urology Foundation will provide the leadership necessary to promote better understanding, prevention, and treatment of kidney and urologic diseases. It is achieving this mission by identifying the world's premier scientists in the fields of nephrology and urology research and making the results of their innovative research more accessible to people in need. For example, a patient in urgent need of kidney or urological care can call the Kidney & Urology Foundation and learn more about the latest research developments in experimental trials. The foundation also works to alleviate the stigma associated with kidney and urologic diseases through public education and advocacy programs. One of the Kidney & Urology Foundation's long-term goals is to create a Kidney and Urological Center of Excellence. At this time, the Kidney & Urology Foundation involves renowned hospitals and healthcare systems, in the area, and, offers a Kidney Transplant Recipient Cardiac Registry, a Pediatric Registry and an Adult Biopsy Registry. Over the last 50 years, prior to the inception of the Kidney & Urology Foundation, its voluteers and staff were instrumental in achieving a number of milestones : Supported local and regional training programs in nephrology and urology Established the first full dialysis unit in the U.S. Successfully lobbied the federal government to provide Medicaid funding for dialysis and transplantation Gained placement of the universal organ donor card on the back of all drivers' licenses Established the first Pediatric Registry, a database of clinical information on every child in its region with renal disease. The foundation offers numerous multi-disciplinary conferences, research/grants, education and training programs. Research grant programs include Fellowships in Nephrology and Urology, Young Investigator Awards and Career Development Awards. Professional programs include conferences for nurses, technicians, social workers, dieticians and administrators and scientific seminars on specific medical issues for the education of medical specialists, trainees and students. The seminars on pediatric nephrology are designed to enhance the understanding of such pediatric care issues as kidney stones, hypertension and urinary tract malformations. The patient grant programs include: Patient Emergency Grants to dispense emergency funding to patients in extreme financial difficulty; New Day Education and Rehabilitation Awards for patients seeking to improve their ability to function fully and expand their education; and Vista Scholarship and Scholastic Achievement Awards to provide college scholarships of up to $10,000 for pediatric patients and young adults. Other patient education and advocacy services include pediatric enrichment excursions, donor awareness walk-a-thons, resource health fairs and The Sun quarterly newsletter. The new foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.


The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people avoid the debilitating effects of kidney and urologic diseases â disorders affecting as many as 70 millions Americans today. Through its funding of research, medical conferences and interdisciplinary hospital initiatives, the Kidney & Urology Foundation will provide the leadership necessary to promote a better understanding of kidney and urologic diseases.



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