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Mission Statement

Links Africa supports quality education and training for girls and women in order to bridge the widening gender and knowledge gaps in the world. These goals are based on the growing importance of education and innovation for competitiveness in the knowledge-based global economy.


Links Africa is a 501c (3) organization created to support girls and Women in Africa access quality education across the continent of Africa. The objective is to help alleviate poverty among girls and women in Africa by building their capacity and empowering them to fairly compete in the global economy. Over the past 4 years, Links Africa has supported more than 25 girls to successfully complete secondary school education. Links Africa’s goal is to help hundreds if not thousands of girls and women. In order to achieve our goal, Links Africa is seeking a fundraising volunteer to work as a Director of Development. Please see linksafrica.org for more information.



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by Jane N. from Arlington, VA (Administrator for this Organization) (2011-03-24 19:43:38.0)
I volunteer with Links Africa because I strongly believe in their great mission of supporting education for poor women and girls in Africa in order to alleviate poverty. The global economy is based on knowledge and innovation. Therefore, Links Africa’s mission of providing girls and women the opportunity to realize their full potential is crucial. Educated women play a significant role in the economic, social and political development. Educated women can stand up for their rights and demand public policies that are beneficial to the families. On the other hand, educated women can take better care of their families, provide quality education, healthcare and support system. It is for these reasons that Links Africa is my favorite international nonprofit organization. I would recommend people to volunteer and support the organization as the need is so huge in Africa. When you volunteer or donate to Links Africa, you eat help create positive social change and a lasting difference.