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Mission Statement

To provide free and confidential service for telephone and walk-in clients in crisis.


The Listening Ear Crisis Intervention Center has been open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since July 15, 1969. We provide free and confidential service for telephone and walk-in clients in crisis. We define crisis as "any situation in which your normal coping mechanisms are ineffective or unavailable." Our volunteers are trained to deal with crises that include depression, suicide, loneliness, sexual assault, grief, and many others. We also provide referrals for services throughout the Lansing area.



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Average Review 8 reviews

Would you recommend The Listening Ear?

by Brooke N. (2016-03-28 13:03:36.0)
An incredible organization with incredible people! I feel like I am having a real, positive impact on the Lansing community when I volunteer at the Ear. Everyone there is so supportive and kind. I could not be happier that I took the risk and went through training. It's rigorous, but also transformative. The Ear has given me friendships and experiences I will never forget!
by Alicia P. from Lansing, MI (2015-08-08 09:09:29.0)
Volunteering with the Listening Ear was a great decision for me. I've learned so many great skills related to communication, and I feel like the training staff really prepared me to meet the needs of the incredibly wide range of callers. The community is so supportive and open, and it has left me with a sense of having made a personal connection not only with the people who call into the hotline, but also with the other staff members. I also feel like the recent coining of the word 'sonder' happened at the perfect time to give me a word to explain the perspective volunteering at the Listening Ear has given me, and I mean that in a very positive way.
by Tiphanie T. (2015-04-21 13:24:58.0)
This is a great organization to volunteer for. You will learn some important things about yourself as well as learn how to connect more deeply with people and understand how they process things. It's well worth the time and you will definitely help others in their times of crisis or general issues!
by Stephanie T. (2015-04-08 10:23:54.0)
The Ear makes me feel like I'm making a difference. I have really connected with some of the callers. It feels great knowing I may be helping someone out by listening to them. The Ear staff is also a community; we're a family. I am constantly supported and have met some truly wonderful people. One of the best decisions I've made! Come join us!
by Ian J. (Administrator for this Organization) (2015-04-08 07:48:22.0)
I love the listening ear!! I would definitely urge as a place to get involved. The work we do helps some many people. Aside from crisis intervention, the ear is a great place to be on staff as well. Not only is the ear a judgement free place, but I have made some real life-long friends since volunteering there. Please come to an orientation and check it out!! You won't regret it!! Coming to the ear has been the best decision of my life.