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Mission Statement

Founded in 1990 by a formerly homeless young woman, Green Doors' mission is to prevent and help end homelessness and poverty housing for those working to achieve independent living in Central Texas.

Green Doors accomplishes this by: creating affordable, safe, quality housing; providing residents with access to supportive services; and educating about, and advocating for, individuals and families struggling with homelessness and at-risk for homelessness.


Green Doors effects its mission through five principal programs.

The first three programs are focused on creating different types of housing tailored to the needs of residents - Transitional Veterans Re-Entry Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Affordable Housing programs. Through these housing programs, Green Doors owns and manages 36 properties, serving over 180 residents annually throughout Austin. The housing programs have a strong focus on single veterans, single parent families affected by a disability, and low-income individuals and families at-risk for homelessness.

Green Doors also operates a Homeless Prevention Services program focused on providing low-income individuals and families in the Austin area with basic necessities that enable them to prioritize their limited income to meet their housing needs. This program includes a weekly food pantry and clothes closet.

Green Doors' last primary programmatic area is its Opportunity Mapping initiative. Started in 2006, Opportunity Mapping is a regional initiative focused on the nexus between housing and opportunity, and provides a comprehensive framework (via maps) for the organization and the broader community to understand how housing interacts with other important public policy issues, including public education, economic mobility, public health, environment, and neighborhood stability.



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by Casey K. from TX (2008-11-09 21:53:01.0)
I helped put together furniture for this group in October, and I found it very rewarding. The organization's members were really nice and truly seemed dedicated to making these homes the best possible for it's future residents. They also adequately answered any questions about the organization and it is a worthy cause.