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Mission Statement

The Honduras Child Alliance provides educational enrichment and healthy living programs for children and teens in the north-coast beach community of El Porvenir. Programs include: English & Spanish literacy, computers, arts, intro to science, sports and fitness, group skills/conflict resolution, and more! These projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty is perpetuated through lack of education. The combined energy of our international volunteers, managers, and directors blends a unique and effective set of skills to support educational and humanitarian projects in an effort to target that cycle. As we collaborate to develop opportunities for children in El Porvenir, we welcome volunteers, sponsors, and cooperation with like-minded organizations.


Our main educational enrichment program offers free English instruction along with literacy immersion in both Spanish and English. Additionally, we include art, music, science, and sports activities. Laptops & Kindles are used for some activities so that students gain skills with technology. Programs operate year-round. * Healthy Snacks Program: Many children in our program experience food insecurity and arrive to class hungry. The Healthy Snacks Program provides a daily, protein filled snack to each child. Snacks are designed to model healthy and locally available food choices. * English Club: Supplemental to PEP+, English Club is an immersive English class for older students who demonstrate a strong desire to practice speaking, reading, and writing English. * PEP-Adultos: English instruction for adults. * Study-Buddies: Adults from our English classes tutor our international volunteers in conversational Spanish and then the volunteers tutor in English. This give and take benefits everyone and builds lasting skills and friendships!

*Check out our volunteer video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbqPHX2ci5g


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Would you recommend Honduras Child Alliance?

by Ruth M. from GB (2018-05-01 09:43:44.0)
I have just finished 6 months volunteering with HCA, after initially planning on only spending 2. The warmth of the community, the vibrant kids, the committed volunteers and the captivating landscape were all factors in my easy decision to extend my time in El Porvenir. I always felt safe here, and found Hondurans to be some of the friendliest people I have ever come across. The relationships you build with the kids in classes and the people in the community are really special. After coming expecting to learn some Spanish and try out teaching abroad, I find that I have had a truly life changing experience, and I think I will always look back on it as a time that profoundly shaped my direction and priorities. Volunteers always say that they come with the hope to give, but end up feeling like they have gotten so much more. I hope anyone considering an impactful, affordable, community-based organization will consider HCA. I couldn't recommend it more.
by Maggie D. (2018-04-03 08:56:15.0)
I first volunteered with Honduras Child Alliance in 2016 on my summer break from my university. I came because I wanted to learn Spanish, but didn't have enough money to enroll in an expensive language program. When I first came to El Porvenir, I did not expect it to become as big of a part of my life as it did. I quickly grew to genuinely love everything about the community here: the kids in our classes, who come in their free time to learn English, socialize with friends and volunteers from all over the world, and above all, feel safe to express themselves, explore their interests, and learn and play together, the neighbors and friends I have made through our adult English classes, and the beautiful ocean and mountains I see every day walking to and from our classrooms. Because of the deep appreciation I have for HCA and the deep impact I know it has on the community, I returned to volunteer and am now going on my 10th month here. Every day I grow to love this place more.
by Emma L. from FR (2018-04-03 08:51:28.0)
I volunteered with Honduras Child Alliance (HCA) 2 years ago and this experience was one of the most wonderful I had in my entire life. That's why I decided to come back for 5 months. Working with the kids brought me so much. We teach them English, Spanish literacy and how to use computers. The kids are all really excited about these classes because they want to learn a lot, but also because the classroom is both safe mentally and physically for them. The volunteers are also in charge of the class planing, which I think is really interesting for us because it teaches us how to set up an fun, enriching educational courses. One other benefit of working with HCA is to meet and live with volunteers from all around the world, with whom you quickly form strong, caring relationships. Some even visited me when I came back to France! Before coming, I was worried about the safety in Honduras, but HCA puts volunteer safety first and I feel entirely safe and comfortable here at all times.
by Zoe C. (2018-04-03 08:53:04.0)
I loved volunteering with Honduras Child Alliance. I spent six months with HCA and fell in love with the kids and the beautiful, safe community of El Porvenir. I enjoyed working with our students in our classes, and it didn't take long to feel like I was part of the El P community. Another great part of this experience was getting to meet and spend time with volunteers from all of the world. I learned so much from volunteering with HCA and would highly reccomend it to anyone looking to volunteer with awesome people in a friendly, fun community.