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Mission Statement

TIP's Mission is to foster and encourage young minds in the fields of artistic learning and development through the power of the Internet


The Infinite Process is devoted to arts including writing, drawing, painting, and music to name a few. It is our goal to help improve and inspire ideas in today's youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams in these fields. But much of the time having the ideas is not the problem; becoming accepted by the world is. Publishers don't usually want to hear from first time authors who have no agent, sometimes without regard for the quality of the writing. The Infinite Process hopes to change all that by providing an arena where work is judged on merit and advice can be given by peers and mentors about how to make your best work even better. The Infinite Process is not only about writing; its about all the forms of art which an imagination can conceive. We will not dismiss any thought a student may have, for imagination is the source of art. And to inspire the imagination even further, The Infinite Process is built on the idea of world-wide communication. It is for this reason that the internet is the future of education and the foundation of The Infinite Process. Art has always been the driving force behind innovation. Artists should never forget the lesson learned from Leonardo DeVincci, who drew designs for objects not known for centuries. He was an inventor as well as an artist, and it is this symbiotic relationship that drives the future of technology. With every person who engages in arts innumerable chances for new ideas emerge. Writing, pictures, statues, and music have changed the world, and it will happen again. It happens every time a child has the time to dream.



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