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Mission Statement

Jaminsons' and T.A.M.E. Summer Food Program is a feed the hungry project in the city of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas. We Serve hungry youths 18 years and under. We also have a Amateur Boxing program, obesity fitness program, drug and alcohol prevention, tuturing, mentoring, and computer labs for Internet research. We will set up feeding sites through out Texarkana Arkansas and eventually Texas the next month. Our focus is to feed our youth while school is pout, only 2% of youths eat properly when school lets out for the summer. We have contracts with DHS/USDA and city parks and recreation. We had our initiation meeting and they are encouraging us to set up in housing authority's, lots, low income housing complexes. Senate pass a law to feed all children in USA and keep exercises at least one hour a day. We will start working on a summer camp to take the youths once per summer so they can get back in tune with nature. We work also with high risk youths with juvenile delinquent prevention. We are the only program in Texarkana that has a physically challenging sports program and fight againgt obesity. We are two entities that join together, Jaminsons' Center of Kindness, and T.A.M.E. Drug, alcohol,Tobacco, and Gang Prevention Programs. Jaminson's Center of Kindness is T.A.M.E's Fiscal Conduit Sponsor.


After School Program for youths 18 and under, safe haven for youth to have a facility to come and have fun, learn and grow with a friendly environment. our boxing program will be registered with Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing/USA to compete in tournaments nationwide. We will have and on site substance abuse prevention counselor on site, and a case worker for juvenile delinquents. Our classes are tutoring which we will hire a teacher if courts are sending an over flow of exposed/expelled youths. We will have a computer lab with Internet research for homework, graphic arts, and designs. Our fight against obesity will be one of our programs merged with our summer food program. Youths that eat right stay health, detering off diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity disease. We do motivational speaking, plays and skit. For our younger youths we offer a puppet show and mascot play time. So our dream is make sure our youth smile when they are eating, playing, exercising, and building character, integrity, and diligents to start their school year with vigor and a health life style.

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