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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work in partnership with citizens of Snohomish County to protect and enhance water quality and aquatic habitats, to minimize damage from flooding and erosion, and to preserve a water resource legacy for future generations.


The Surface Water Management Division of Public Works is charged by County code with, "providing a comprehensive approach to managing surface water."

As a local government agency, our job is to translate that charge into practical services and tangible improvements: drainage systems that minimize flooding; stormwater discharge that's as clean as possible; the protection and restoration of rivers, creeks, wetlands, and estuaries; and the ongoing maintenance of our public investments in pipes, ponds, and shorelines.

It's not enough to think we're doing our best. We're in the ongoing business of measuring and analyzing what's actually happening in our constructed and natural drainage systems, so that we know we're making a positive difference.

We also operate under the notion that working closely with the citizens of Snohomish County provides the best long-term value for our community. To that end, we provide personal technical assistance for property owners with drainage or water quality challenges.

We work with streamside landowners to encourage actions that promote aquatic health, such as replanting native vegetation and building fences to keep livestock out of streams.

We also build partnerships with landowners, businesses, and community groups to help regain and preserve, over time, the vitality of our network of natural streams.

It is our hope that, when it's our children's turn to take the reins, we'll leave them the infrastructure, and the wonderful resources entrusted to us, in better condition than when we started.



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