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Mission Statement



  • To Improve the Quality of Fastpitch Softball in our areas of focus so that girls are no longer lagging behind the rest of the State and Country.
  • To Promote fastpitch softball within the five boroughs of NYC for all girls regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry or economic status.
  • To Provide a League for girls to compete in at a low cost and to provide scholarship funding for families of need so that every girl can have a chance to play in our league regardless of income status.
  • To Provide the best learning opportunities for players to enhance their talents in a competitive and rewarding environment.
  • To Help players achieve the skills required to continue playing softball throughout high school and into their college years.
  • To Make G.O.A.L.S. a vehicle for girls, particularly underprivileged and underserved girls, to effectively compete for scholarship dollars that are available on the college level. This is the reason for the emphasis on fast-pitch softball.
  • To Obtain a permanent fastpitch softball only facility and to properly maintain it so that young girls have a familiar and safe place to play and compete.
  • To Provide an indoor facility so that players can achieve the skills needed and provide them with a year round learning opportunity.
  • To Teach young girls about teamwork, honor, honesty, self-respect, dedication, hard work and determination.
  • To Provide trained and certified coaches dedicated to continuing their own improvement and skills needed to coach on a high level.
  • To Develop a strong Organization by implementing a fundamental training program for girls 8 yrs and younger.
  • To Develop upper division travel teams to compete locally, regionally and nationally who will be held to higher standards as representatives of the Organization.
  • Help increase the exposure of our student-athletes to college coaches.
  • To Develop a High School and College Mentorship programs and to invite role models from all areas of life/ business and sport in to speak to our young women.
  • To Provide a Positive social, learning and teaching environment.
  • To Work with other non-profits to help build the bodies, minds and souls of our athletes.
  • To Provide all aspects of our Mission Statement at little to no cost for members so that no child would be left out of this opportunity.


We are a not for profit windmill softball league located in Queens, NY.



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