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The Chloe Sanctuary uses proven methods to help physically and emotionally damaged parrots and cockatoos heal, providing sanctuary for life in an environment tailored to their needs. With recent estimates of up to 60 million captive psittacines--the larger species living up to 80 years--the need to train caretakers and inform the public is daunting. The average person bringing home a parrot does not realize that these creatures are like a two-year-old with a pair of pliers and a foghorn. Education is the key to protecting them.


Parrots and cockatoos take us by surprise. Even though they are a mystery, they seem safe enough behind those metal bars and most people find that comforting. "I can bring it out when I feel like it and then put it back," many would say. No one tells them that having a parrot is like having a five-year-old with a pair of pliers and a foghorn. No one mentions to them that the five-year-old will go through puberty and be a teenage five-year-old. No one mentions that they are the last true dinosaurs still living on land and reminds them of what happened in Jurassic Park. No one mentions that most will die if released into the wild. Parrots and cockatoos in captivity are still wild. You can break their spirit but they will always be wild.

Rescues and sanctuaries are usually full; there is no room at the inn. Just finding a rescue or sanctuary is hard enough and placing a bird in a home is an immense hurdle.

I have seen the joy in a parrot's eyes that has a new life with a caring and loving companion. For me, nothing compares to that feeling, nothing. To see even one bird love and trust again is worth the effort of a lifetime.


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by Zerlina C. from Murrieta, CA (February 14, 2019)
TCS is a fantastic way to get experience with parrots and cockatoos. There is -always- work to be done, and some of the work includes giving the birds themselves attention and love. The set up is kind of odd and little crowded, but thats what happens when you have over a dozen large, intelligent 'problem' birds in one space, but the bonds you build with the animals and the extremely generous flexibility of volunteer hours make TCS a fantastic opportunity. They even provide ear plugs!

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