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Mission Statement

The mission of Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music is as follows.

  • Education: To be the premier music institute that educates students for personal as well as professional enhancement. Our music has its roots in the rich cultural heritage of India. In particular, we follow the Mewati tradition. Admission is open to all, as long as students have the commitment, patience, dedication and determination. We nurture the students whether they are beginners or advanced.
  • Research: To guide students who have a strong interest in music history, inquiry into the theoretical foundations of music theory and various genres of vocal and instrumental music.
  • Artistry: To promote creativity and innovation in music. As long as students are committed, we will groom them into becoming full-fledged performing artists.
  • Appreciation: To encourage students in perceiving the aesthetic features of music. A sense of deep music appreciation unlocks vast treasures of everlasting peace and satisfaction.
  • Gurukul: This organization is based on the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara. PJIM is the name of a family, a tradition. This is actually the extended family of each and every proud member of PJIM. Thus, your Guru’s home is your Gurukul, the Mewati Gurukul.

PJIM observes the following principles in our operation.

  • Open Access: PJIM requires that students should have the commitment, dedication and open mind to learn music. PJIM is open to all the students of all ages, races, religions and nationality. We don’t require them to have prior knowledge of music or any particular language.
  • Respect and Humility: We respect all music lovers and musicians. Whether someone is a student or a professionally acclaimed musician, we accord the same level of respect to him or her.
  • Enrichment Opportunities: Our student body contains tiny tots, senior citizens, full-time students, working professionals and homemakers. Regardless of the student’s age and musical background, we offer ample opportunities for musical advancement and enrichment.
  • Reaching Out: We are not secluded from the community we live in. Whether it is performances in temples or concerts in senior citizen homes, PJIM people have brought peace and joy to the hearts of the listeners


The Pandit Jasraj Institute is a performing arts institute.

The ultimate and consummate goal of our premier institute is to foster the preservation, growth and teaching of Indian Classical Music in the tradition of Mewati Gharana. Through this, the institute and its members will carry on the legacy of Mewati Gharana, along with the rich cultural traditions and values of India. Teaching music or imparting musical knowledge is only part of the vision and mission of the institute. The members have the opportunity to set the name of PJIM in the cultural map of United States with pride and prestige in various activities and thus, be the true ambassadors for their own heritage.

PJIM continues to further its mission of music education and enrichment with locations in New Jersey, New York and Pittsburgh, PA, under the guidance of Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj and Pandita Tripti Mukherjee. Both the faculty and students of PJIM continue to make a strong contribution to the society they live in, through public concerts and music workshops. Through music, PJIM has brought peace and harmony to the hearts of audiences throughout the United States.



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