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Green Lifestyles Network

Cause Area

  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Literacy
  • Environment
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5858 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Grren Lifestles Network's mission is to create a new vision for media. We provide information, advocacy and opportunities for the average person, businesses, corporations and NGOs to embrace sustainable solutions using our most powerful tool...the media. Green responds to detrimental media messages by offering an eco-conscious multimedia platform where sustainable solutions to LIFE, health, home, beauty, recreation, and the outer as well as inner environment are advanced.


Green Lifestyles Network , a solutions-based,charity organization, uses all forms of media to provide sustainable solutions for most of our everyday lifestyle challenges and concerns about living in synergy with our environment.

Green Lifestyles Network provides opportunities to get involved, affect change, be heard, and influence others for the benefit of all living beings through our website, Green Lifestyle TV (GLTV), the Green Lifestyles International Festivals, our ecoFilm Salons and ecoFashion & Beauty Salons in Los Angeles as well as with our partners and supporters. We provide sustainable living recommendations, projects, products, events, business opportunities from our partners and sponsors as well as information on health, home, beauty, recreation and all other environmental issues.

Mainstream Media seems to be becoming more of a mouth piece for profit making entities rather than a place to find unbiased information and mentorship. To challenge this, Green Lifestyles through its international film festival, multimedia website and Internet TV station has positioned itself as the public voice to a worldwide audience. Effectively communicating green lifestyle alternatives through our website, our GLTV web channel and the international festivals is "the" challenge we embrace at Green Lifestyles as we look to end the artifically manufactured chemical dumb-down of society.

Sustainable living must progress beyond its elitist roots. Cost-effective solutions to living sustainable lives are crucial to advance human intellect, the health and prosperity of living beings as well as secure the natural integrity of the environment.

Green Lifestyles Network therefore provides clean messages using peace based communication (the culture of our organization) in clear terms about how to live green lifestyles. In doing so, we encourage and inspire all seekers, adopters, supporters and endorsers! Come alongside us and support our efforts as we share the best of the best in green lifestyles with the world!


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by Tara W. (September 2, 2019)
I did not volunteer with this organization for too long. Because they are based on the west coast, the time zone and inability to attend meetings made things difficult for me and I felt out of place. Long-term, this is a great HR learning opportunity.
by Danielle B. (November 29, 2015)
I have visited the Green Lifestyles website and I support the cause the organization stands for. I agree with the fact that mainstream media tends to focus on unimportant things while important information remains undisclosed. This gradually becomes more harmful to society, and I enjoy that there is a way for me to do something to fight against it.
by Victoria E. from Inglewood, CA (June 12, 2014)
Well, because I feel that it is a really good organization and that my friends would love to know about it and also join or help . Just as I am doing right now . Helping my community, because that is what I love to do and that is what I do best.

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