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Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT Our organization began several years ago when we realized that even though there were numerous animal rescue groups in our area, none of them were ever available to assist when we either found an animal in distress or a colony of feral cats. A small group of us began our own program of trapping, neutering/spaying, and paying for medical care. Our only funds came from either garage sales or out of our own pockets. As the need increased, we were no longer able to provide the care needed. In August of 1999, a kind man approached us and volunteered his services to incorporate us. A few months later we became known as Feline Rescue Inc. Our mission is as follows: A. Assist caring individuals in the community with stray problem and helping them with low cost spay/neuter programs. B. Cut down on the overpopulation of stray cats by trapping, spay/neuter and releasing them back to their colonies were they are fed and monitored daily. C. Attempt to tame feral cats for adoptions and adopt all kittens into loving families. D. Educate children and the local community of the benefits and the importance of spay/neutering of their animals. This is a never- ending problem where time restraints can't be set, but our goal is to assist as many cats as the money will allow. At this time, our only funding is from membership drives, newsletters, raffles, donation boxes and jars in various local stores, and the assistance we receive from other local animal organizations. Based on our limited resources we have been able to spay/neuter approximately 10 cats a week and adopt 2 to 3 a week Our dream to one day have a cat sanctuary where homeless, abused, and unwanted cats can live out the rest of their life healthy and happy. We have a limited amount of volunteers that do the best they can and we are hoping to expand our efforts and perhaps join another organization that will be able to help us reach our final mission. At this time we receive no grants or other Federal funding. We are applying for your grant to assist us in meeting the goals we have set forth. When the fund money runs out we will find other resources to raise money.


Low cost spay/neuter. Trapping and feeding colonies in the area.

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