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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: To secure funding which will enable juvenile offenders to repair the harm to their victims, to the extent possible, by monetary restitution, through competency building community service work.

Fact Sheet

? 1983- Restitution-only program, in St. Louis County, with a two year grant from the Junior League of St. Louis
? 1988- Community service component
? 1991- Work Crew component to serve less mature offenders
? 1996- Expanded to the City of St. Louis
? 1999- Expanded to St. Charles County
? 2001- Expanded St. Clair County, Illinois
? 2011- Expanded to Jefferson County, Missouri
? 2013- Increased restitution to $750 per offence per youth

How It Works:
? Collaborative effort involving three components:
? The Juvenile/Family Courts
? Public non-profit agencies serving as work sites
? Financial support from Payback
? Juvenile offenders are assigned to either a work-site in the community or a work crew by Court staff.
? Juvenile offenders are "credited" at minimum wage for each community service hour worked, with money earned as restitution paid to their victims.

Community Impact:
? PayBack serves an average of 140 youth (ages 12-17) annually
? Since 1983, approximately 12,000 youth have generated 500,000+ hours of community service and returned more than $600,000 in restitution to crime victims in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.
? Provides a means of closure and healing to crime victims
? Holds juveniles accountable to those harmed by their offense
? Teaches juveniles lessons in personal responsibility
? Provides juveniles with meaningful work experiences to build their competencies
? Provides nonprofit/public agencies with a resource of volunteer manpower
? Builds relationships with mentors and pro-social adults
? Builds stronger communities

? Funding is entirely supported by voluntary contributions from citizens, corporations, small businesses, foundations, grants, and special events. PayBack is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.
For More Information:
? Visit our Website at www.paybackinc.org
? Contact us at: 314-863-5218
? E-mail us at: paybackinc.org@gmail.com
? Visit our Facebook page: PayBack, Inc.
? Visit us at LinkedIn: LINKEDIN PAYBACK INC.


PayBack, Inc.

PayBack, Inc. is a local nonprofit 501 C(3) organization housed in the St. Louis County Family Courts building, in an office generously donated by the Courts. Sustained through the generous donations of private individuals, businesses, grants and fund-raising events; PayBack works with an operating budget of just over $100,000.00, 14 volunteer Board Members, 1 volunteer intern and 1 paid Executive Director.

PayBack's goal is to fund and partner with the five St. Louis Metro Area Courts to administer restorative justice programs for juvenile offenders and victims by raising restitution funds, locating job sites, and restoring the juvenile sense of self through personal accountability, community service and job skills. As PayBack celebrates their 33rd year serving the community, they happily report that more than half a million dollars has been returned to metro area crime victims by youth in the PayBack program.

PayBack’s collaborative effort involves three components: The Family Courts, public/nonprofit agencies serving as work sites, and financial support from the community.

"Restoring the health of the community, repairing the harm done, meeting victims' needs, and emphasizing that the offender can -- and must -- contribute to those repairs, restores the juveniles sense of self through lessons in personal accountability, it restores the their sense of pride through work skills, community service and mentoring, it provides nonprofit and public agencies with a resource of volunteer manpower and it restores the victim’s sense of community and sense of security and control."

Juveniles, who come before the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Family Courts for crimes such as vandalism, shoplifting, or burglary are screened, counseled, ordered to participate in a victim impact session (when the courts deem it appropriate) and placed at local not-for-profits for their court ordered community service. For this mandatory work, juveniles earn minimum wage credit through PayBack (the dollar amount is determined and ordered by the courts), to be used exclusively for repayment to their victims. Those juveniles requiring more supervision are referred to work crews consisting of 4-5 children, under the supervision of a Work Crew Coordinator.

Through feedback from children, parents, victims, worksites and court personnel, we know this program work!


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