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Mission Statement

Blue Engine is a New York based non-profit that partners with schools to unlock human potential. We bring together teams of teachers working in historically oppressed communities to reimagine the classroom experience for all students, resulting in dramatic gains in academic achievement and diverse groups of apprentice teachers prepared for success in the classroom.


Blue Engine's team teaching model re-architects the traditional classroom by shifting the teacher-to-student ratio from 1:30 to 1:6 in gateway skills subjects. This model embeds teams of three apprentice educators into one classroom, resulting in dramatic gains in student achievement and a pipeline of effective, culturally responsive teachers.

Harnessing the power of teamwork, we recruit and develop individuals interested in exploring teaching to serve as Blue Engine Teaching Apprentices (BETAs) for one to two years. Alongside lead teachers, BETAs collaborate to provide personalized learning for students while gaining hands-on classroom experience. Many of our organization's staff members are former teachers and nonprofit leaders. All of us believe that impact is possible and necessary in public schools.

Our team is dynamic, diverse, and deeply committed to increasing postsecondary achievement in the communities we serve. In pursuit of this mission, we hold our colleagues and ourselves accountable to high performance standards and clear, measurable results. We value perseverance, self-awareness, collaboration, the ability to connect and empathize, open and honest communication, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. Personal and professional development is a top organizational priority.


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