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Mission Statement

Coach and mentor at risk and underprivileged youth by helping them develop marketable skills through the development and distribution of family friendly Christ centered video games.


Salvation Studios is developing family friendly Christ centered video games that will be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We plan to provide games that are entertaining enough to be played by both Christian and non-Christian gamers, and can be used to witness to non-Christians by presenting the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Our family friendly Christ centered video games will reach a generation in need of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a diverse group of men, women, and children. Recent findings presented in USA Today, the LifeWay studies, and directed Marketing Research show the need:

  • Over 90% of children ages 2 to 17 now play video or computer games regularly
  • 87% of children ages 7 to 12 identified playing games as their favorite online activity
  • Teen females spend 30% of their gaming time playing action/adventure genres
  • The "Gamer Generation," is 90 million strong
  • 89% of the top-selling video games contain violent content, with much of it serious in nature
  • 78% of boys reported that M-rated games (intended for those 17 and older) are among their top five favorite games
  • 77% of boys own M-rated games; 20% reporting they purchased an M-rated game without their parent’s knowledge
  • 65% of young men and women rarely or never attend worship services
  • 67% of young men and women don't read the Bible or sacred texts
  • 68% of young men and women did not mention faith, religion or spirituality when asked what was "really important in life."

Christian video games are a unique way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to a market that may not hear the gospel any other way. The games will be free and Christian gamers can use it to share the gospel if they have difficulty sharing it themselves. For example: A person may be turned off if you ask them if they want to know about Jesus Christ, but excited by being offered a free video game.

Salvation Studios will provide games that fill that need for exciting action packed games with stunning graphics, amazing music, and great game play, while presenting Christian and family values. Also, Christian gamers will have a tool to witness to friends by having the game explain the Christian principles of redemption and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.



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