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Mission Statement

The Inn, with the community and other service providers, expands possibilities and opportunities
for youth and their families. The Inn develops the whole person through strength based programs
focusing on life skills development, life experiences, family and responsibility. Our programs are
designed to be individualized offering services crafted to enhance partnerships with youth, family
and communities.


A Brief History 1968 - 1989

The idea of "The Inn" was conceived in May of 1968. The concept was nurtured and discussed by several families until September when it was presented to a larger group of potentially interested members of Resurrection Lutheran Church of Portland. The Inn was designed as a home for adolescent boys with the first boy arriving in February 1969. The founding group organized the program around the belief of the infinite dignity and worth of each person, coupling those with the concepts of forgiveness and responsibility. The Inn's Group Home moved in 1980 to its current location providing a program for 8 adolescent boys.


Since 1990, the Inn has grown as we practice our mission of Expanding Opportunities with youth and their families. The Inn's focus is on youth and adults who are in transitional periods of their lives. The Inn began to provide Transitional Living Services for homeless youth in Clackamas County in 1990, to provide support and teach skills to enable them to successfully transition to responsible adulthood. Our work with the homeless led to working with youth in foster care, since numerous homeless youth once were in foster care. If youth in foster care can learn skills and complete their education as they transition from state care, there is less chance they become homeless. To reach that goal, The Inn provides Independent Living Services for adolescents in Foster Care in Multnomah County, Mentoring for youth in Foster Care in Multnomah County and Independent Living Services for adolescents in Foster Care in Clackamas County.

2006 to present

More recently the Inn began providing housing services in two settings for women and their children in Clackamas County. A need for housing services related to the Clackamas County Treatment Courts was addressed when The Inn in partnership with other organizations built Avalon House as a permanent housing site for 6 women and their children. One year later The Inn began operating Madrona House as a transitional living site for women with young children who are involved in the Child Welfare System.

The Inn began providing Independent Living Services in a residential setting for 6 young men 16-18 years of age in 2008. That same year a new program in a new building began providing residential services for 7 younger boys 14 - 17 years of age.

Today The Inn provides skills based services for 245 youth in foster care in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, residential services for 13 youth from Clackamas or Multnomah County, housing for up to 18 homeless youth and their children in Clackamas County, and 10 women and their children in Clackamas County and mentoring for 30 youth in foster care in Multnomah County. All of The Inn’s programs are designed to expand opportunities for youth, adults and families.



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