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Mission Statement

Quixote Quest is about teen volunteering. QQ could be one of the very best things that you ever do in high school. Yes...Quixote Quest does help high school aged teens from South andCentral New Jerseyfind meaningful volunteer service. And yes...some of those opportunities are only open to the members of the QQ Qrew.

The 100 Quixote Quest teens participating in the 2012-2013 school year will join a ten year tradition and a long line of over 700 teen volunteers who have changed the direction of a life...or the quality of a life through weekly volunteering.

If you have a passion for making a difference and you are in high school, you may have come to the perfect place for you. You may have found 100 people, who are like you in that they too have made a decision to have an impact on lives in need.

Caution: Quixote Quest is not for the "hours counter"...the person who needs hours to get something for their school or church. QQ is not for the "college resume booster"...the person who has been advised to get some volunteering to list on college applications. Quixote Quest goes far beyond those reasons for volunteering and requires so much more.

To be in the Quixote Quest Qrew you not only need to give of your time...you need to give over your heart. You need to "Starfish" with us. Starfishing means that you are willing to dedicate at least two hours weekly to change the life of a economically disadvantage child, or provide therapeutic intervention for a child with a disability, or that you would provide companionship and comfort to lonely seniors...some with dementia, or that you will take extraordinary action to save an abandoned dog or cat and help them to find a forever home, or that you are willing to learn the signs of teen dating violence and other abusive relationships, and learn how to take safe action to help, and create a movement that will show other how to intervene.

QQ needs you to be totally invested in making a difference because the children, the elderly, the animals, and the abused need that from you to help them. Quixote Quest is the highest level of commitment that a teen can make to volunteering in the State ofNew Jersey...and it only asks two hours weekly throughout the school year.

In addition you will be inspired two evening a month as you join other members from your county in Qrew meetings where you celebrate with and motivate each other. You become part of a fraternity - sorority of high school teens that change their community.

If this seems like QQ is for you...we want to hear from you. Contact us through VolunteerMatch or by direct email quixotequest@centerffs.org ...and we will give you the next step. We will send you more information and invite you and your parent to interview us about QQ, so you can understand how it works before you make any decisions.

Quixote Quest is about Deeds, not words. How about you?



Quixote Quest is teen volunteer organization with six chapters in South and Central NJ (Mercer, Monmouth, Burlington Camden, Gloucester, & Middlesex Counties) only for dedicated teens willing to make difference during their school year




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Average Review 14 reviews

Would you recommend QUIXOTE QUEST - A Center For Family Services Program?

by zahra m. (2014-07-04 16:25:33.0)
QQ was the first and most impactful community service experience I had in high school. From bi-monthly meetings, to group service projects, and volunteer opportunities that allow you to impact lives, QQ puts teenagers on the frontlines of the issues in our community. Fellow volunteers in the club and the people who you work with along the way become a part of the QQ family. Not to mention, the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy is an integral part of the club, and is evident in every meeting the volunteers have. The unforgettable friendships between the people who share a passion for helping others, and the opportunity to give back to the community made it one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
by Kayla C. (2014-06-23 13:35:37.0)
QQ is a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by teens who have similar values. The QQ group is filled with people who are hungry for purposeful service and will do anything to make a difference. The meetings provide for a time to reflect and share ideas about service, but also build a strong bond between new friends who have similar interests! Of course, there is a large variety of volunteer opportunities to work with; this is often hard to come by as a teenager, but because this group is filled with dedicated teens who are willing to volunteer at least 2 hours a week every week during the school year, the opportunities are available! The sites, whether it involves working with animals, a cause, elderly, children, etc., are opportunities for purposeful service that keep you excited to go every week and not wanting to leave! This type of opportunity: purposeful service, and a group of friends with great values that are always there for support, is few and far between!
by Lauren W. (2010-07-16 22:54:05.0)
I joined Quixote Quest late in my freshman year and have been in it for close to two years. Its more than just volunteer work. You make life long friends as you help your community and touch people's lives on very personal levels. You have the chance to volunteer weekly at your own site and then have meetings with your club which is full of teen volunteers from your area twice a month. Also for group service projects you have the opportunity to spend time with teens from the other clubs. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys volunteering and wants to build bonds with their peers at the same time.
by jessica p. (2010-07-16 21:34:00.0)
If you are reading this, you may be: A) a potential new QQ member. Maybe a little scared, or ever-ready to join. B) already part of QQ and wanting to tell the World Wide Web about how it is impossible to light a QQ candle, or how you can get lost in a mound of pillows. Maybe telling possible new members about the closeness the club feels when we get together for Group Service Projects, or how you wait impatiently for the next club meeting. Or maybe about how it felt to realize that teenagers DO truly care and want to share it with others that DO truly care. C) a parent wondering how your child found SUCH AN AWESOME CLUB that they want to be apart of. For person A, QQ is hard and do not let anyone tell you otherwise: it can be draining, demanding, and sometimes feel like your not making a difference. For person A, QQ is probably the best things you could ever do: it is rewarding, fun, and shows that one helping hand is always helpful, even if you do not always see it.
by Shannon C. from Marlton, NJ (2010-07-16 21:14:09.0)
Quixote Quest was an amazing experience for me in the year and a half I was in it. There is nothing quite like the friends you meet or the impact you really have. You don't just volunteer; you meet a whole community of people just like yourself who want to make a difference. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking to be a part of an outstanding group of people who do great work.