• Clay County Transitions Family Visitation Center Clay County Transitions Family Visitation Center


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Mission Statement

The Transitions Center provides a safe, supervised visit/exchange between a non-custodial parent and his/her child under the supervision of a compassionate, trained adult monitor who protects the child from any form of harm, threat or manipulation.


Be able on Wednesday or Thursday evening for 1-3 hours from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. to supervise visits between parents and children. An off-duty police officer will be on site.



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by Donna W. from MO (2009-10-12 15:57:39.0)
I used this program with great difficulty due to the person who currently facilitates the exchanges. She broke rules right and left to accomodate the person who victimized me (she fell for his charm). She continued to try and rearrange my court ordered visitation schedule to suit the other party, even after I told her to let our lawyer do that and she acted as the go between asking me questions like "Dad wants to know what to do with the blanket you sent in your sons bag." After speaking with her superior, I was left feeling powerless and even MORE victimized as there was NO one else who could help me. In the end, I was told this facilitator was prepared to testify in a court of law that I did nothing but cause problems the entire time we used this program. Of course, video tapes and carefully documented transitions would prove her to be giving false information. I would NEVER recommend this program as I am clear the person currently facilitating has no experience in victim advocacy.