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Mission Statement

Foster 2 Home Rescue, Inc. is a registering, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for adoptable dogs. Foster 2 Home Rescue provides assistance to loving, adoptive individuals and families, working closely with the adoptive parties to ensure the best transition for, and the humane treatment of, all adopted animals. We will strive to educate the public regarding the humane and ethical treatment of animals and aim to work in concert with other organizations to make a greater impact on the animal population.


All Team Members are volunteering their time and talents to our common goal to save and rehome the voiceless babies needing permanent homes. We believe in foster homes instead of shelters, so the babies can be better adjusted and healthier when the right family comes to adopt. We believe our team members are the best and treat all with respect. We are dedicated to giving of ourselves and our time to the goal of saving the babies out there needing our help. Please look our way if you want to be part of something truly special by way of animal rescuing. No part is too small to us. Thank you for taking the time to look our way.


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by Cathy M. (Administrator for this Organization) (2016-01-06 05:24:18.0)
As the founder of my dream unfolds and the years go by, I am reminded daily of the positive impact our devoted Team has made to over 1200 Individuals and Families. We came together knowing our love of dogs was our common thread. We then gather to share in a friendship bound by the lives we've saved and those who would never have been saved if not for our open arms. They come to us broken, scared, lonely, and many sick, Through this we become friends, bonded by this desire make a difference in our own way. We see and hear from past adopters, and volunteers almost weekly. The closet description I can leave with you, is it resembles a huge family reunion. We love to tell the sotries and share in the successful placement of each and every fur baby we take into our rescue. The distance divides us, when we are not volunteering, but melts away when we see each other again. We make a difference for that one dog, one at a time, now times 1200!Join with us! WE are waiting to welcome you!
by Jodi P. (2014-01-01 06:41:06.0)
I am a foster mom for Foster 2 Home. What an awesome group of volunteers saving dogs. The Foster Parent Mentor Program is extremely helpful for new foster parents. The group provides everything from food to vetting. The foster parent is responsible for providing love and a warm home. There are so many opportunities to help within the organization from web design, photography, fundraising committees and adoption show handlers. The energy this group has is contagious and the appreciation you receive from the saved dog is priceless. It is hard to foster. I will not lie. All I can say is it is priceless when that weary pup puts his head on your lap and closes his eyes for a nap. Knowing he hasn't been able to do this in a very long time is so heart-warming. It makes everything else so easy. When they get adopted to their FUR-ever family, you will see that what you have sacrificed is so worth the wag in their tail, the shine of their fur, and the brightness in their eyes. Become a foster.