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Mission Statement

Our foundation has been in operation for just over three years and is dedicated to the memory of Andy Anderson, who died at the age of 34, from the complications of diabetes. In trying to help Andy obtain resources because he did not have adequate insurance we found that there was a need to advocate as well as help obtain financial resources for medically underserved persons suffering an amputation. As we learned more about diabetes, an epidemic disease, a silent killer with tragic complications, we realized that the only way to help prevent amputations was to educate children (2200 children a day are diagnosed as diabetic in the U.S. alone). We are working on a series of educational videos to be distributed to children through the health curriculum of public schools to prevent amputations and other complications ten, fifteen, and twenty years into the future.


We have partnered with Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital; Centers for Disease Control; NIDDK (National Institute of Health); NDEP (National Diabetes Education Program) through the NIH, Bethesda, MD; Diabetes Control Network; Grady Hospital; Veterans Administration Hospital; U.S. Department of Education; White House Mars Millennium 2030 Project, NASA; National Endowment for the Arts; Limbs for Life; United Amputee Services of Orlando; The Barr Foundation; and others.



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by stacey a. from conyers, GA (2009-03-09 18:02:24.0)
i am andy's widow, i have been inside my shell for the last 9 years,i was around when ray started this foundation with just a dream,, i want to be a part of this , i know what this all stands for,,stacey