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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique services to at-risk youth that encourage, motivate and inspire them not just to survive difficult circumstances but to overcome them, find the fire inside of themselves, and explode into a supernova of light.


We have 3 programs: The Animal Rehabilitation Program, The Art Program and The Music Program. Below you will find a brief description of each.


Under the supervision and guidance of Spirit Fire Farm staff, participants will work with horses, dogs and cats that have histories of abuse/neglect and behavior problems. Participants will assist staff in rehabilitating and placing the animals in new homes. Through these activities, participants will improve communication and problem-solving skills. Participants must be creative in humanely overcoming obstacles that are presented on the road to an animal's rehabilitation. Because of animals' sensitivity to both verbal and non-verbal cues, participants will learn about the importance of tone and body language. Because animals are essentially helpless creatures, they are remarkably effective at evoking emotion in people. In SFF's program, participants will be engaged in interactions with animals that have been in difficult circumstances. Through those interactions, participants will learn to relate their own to difficulties to those that the animals have faced. By being part of the rehabilitation process of other living beings, participants will develop patience, compassion and understanding. Participants will learn the importance of team work and develop healthy relationships with staff and peers. Participants will experience the unfathomable joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from placing an animal in a loving, caring home. Participants will feel a sense of purpose, build self-esteem and begin to see the results of dedication, hard work and love. They will start to believe in their worth as individuals and comprehend the truth in the statement, "Anyone can make a difference."


Participants will work side by side with instructors and peers to create works with the medium of their choice. Participants will learn to take direction and respond to suggestions appropriately. Participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas and they will feel heard. Participants will learn to give and accept positive, constructive feedback. Participants will learn to appreciate the talents of others as well as their own. Through the construction of a piece, participants will see their vision materialize, reinforcing one of SFF's core beliefs: that hard-work yields beautiful results. Interested participants will be asked to display their art at SFF fundraisers so that, like those in the music program, they can realize the important role they play in the success of SFF and get the recognition and praise they deserve.


Through the instruction of knowledgeable and dedicated staff who utilize praise-based teaching techniques, participants will learn to play an instrument of their choice. Participants will develop their musical talents, creativity and gain a healthy coping skill. Participants will overcome the frustrations that accompany learning to play an instrument. Appropriately dealing with music-related difficulties will carry over to situations participants face in daily living. Interested participants will be invited to play in a band with other youth in the SFF music program and perform at SFF fundraisers. Participants will gain confidence by performing for a live audience and feel the deep-down happiness that comes from contributing to the life of the program. Participants will feel part of a whole and realize the important role they play in the success of SFF.



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