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Mission Statement

Health for Humanity is a health development organization that works through collaborative efforts and partnerships. Its mission is to release the capacity of individuals and institutions to solve health-related problems. Uncompromising principles are: unity and diversity in all undertakings; the innate capacity of all people to direct their own development; equal partnership of women and men; group consultation as the most effective means for problem-solving; and refinement of the processes as lessons are learned. Through application of these principles, Health for Humanity offers a model demonstrating the transforming power of service.


From its inception, Health for Humanity has had a vision of facilitating problem solving and capacity building for both its members and partners. However, HH volunteers, who are primarily clinicians, have been involved mostly in service-oriented international health development activities. Recognizing the need to better utilize its membership as well as to better serve its partners in the field, Health for Humanity has honed its focus into two new promising areas of program concentration: international exchange of knowledge and skills and public health program development. A third area of focus, blindness prevention, has been long-standing and has developed over a nine-year period of systematic effort. It is currently the largest program area. However, very exciting developments are currently underway to expand the other two areas. These capitalize on HH's unique combination of resources, while promising to dramatically increase the capacity and the pool of human resources needed to carry out health development initiatives. Since the overall mission of Health for Humanity is capacity-building, it strives to design and implement program activities that will channel the membership's offers of service and simultaneously honor its commitments to partners. Charged with this mission, the following brief descriptions of each program area, particularly the two newer ones, demonstrate Health for Humanity's systematic effort to nurture its membership to engage in active international health development.



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