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Mission Statement

Creating, coordinating and delivering transportation solutions for the Monadnock region


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Contoocook Valley Transportation Company (CVTC) provides rides through volunteer drivers to medical appointments, errands, and social services. CVTC also helps people form carpools to work, errands, school and events using our online Rideboard and toll-free telephone number.

Why We Exist

CVTC was created to meet the transportation needs of the Eastern Monadnock communities as directly expressed through initial grassroots meetings in these communities and in monthly meetings with representatives from each town.

We will meet these needs this in a state with limited funding for transportation by making creative use of available resources, using technology to assist communities in combining these resources.

We believe in operating in an open and inclusive manner. We believe in consulting the communities and acting on their individual needs. We believe that what we do is more than getting people to their destinations. We help strengthen communities by reducing isolation--not just from being housebound but also the isolation of driving everywhere alone in a car--and by increasing inclusiveness. As part of the fabric of what we do, people of all ages and abilities will meet each other and share experiences and ideas. This increases tolerance and makes it easier for communities to make decisions that increase the welfare of all.

Ultimately, transportation is about meeting basic human needs. Meeting the survival needs of food, shelter, and safety requires transportation to the workplace, to the store, and to medical care. Individuals also need respect for their right to participate in community life and to find meaning in giving back to the community. Perhaps most important is the need for freedom and control over one’s fate. In a country where the freedom to hop in a car and go anywhere at the spur of the moment is taken for granted, people without such freedom lose control over their daily lives. They can even lose the ability to remain in the community they love, or the house they have spent their lives in, simply because they have no transportation.

Contoocook Valley Transportation Company (CVTC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in 2008 in response to a surveyed need for alternative transportation in the Eastern Monadnock Region, especially among seniors, people with disabilities, and people with low income. The CVTC Rideshare Program expands our reach to the entire Monadnock Region.



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