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Mission Statement

Miss Believe provides interactive programs and opportunities including support and services for adolescent girls (between the ages of 10-18) to learn the importance and value of self-understanding. Our programs offer essential elements of female development, improving self awareness, ensuring virtue and instilling goal setting behaviors. We offer several programs that focus on group mentoring and empowering young ladies. We strive to create successful and confident girls that will grow into powerful women.


Miss Believe is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the self-awareness of adolescent girls in theWashington, DC metropolitan community. The organization was created to be a service for young ladies to utilize when overcoming the obstacles of today’s society. We use a youth development asset-based approach to create more confident young ladies in the Nation’s Capital.

Our target group is adolescent females between the ages of 10-18. Countless young ladies in this target group face the issue of lacking a father figure in their lives. Ultimately, these young ladies grow up to have low self esteem and a very low perception of themselves in general. Luckily our organization does not focus on the issues, but rather the capacities and strengths that these young ladies possess. Being raised in a single family home allows these young ladies to be independent, self motivated and able to persevere despite obstacles.

Our programs meet critical needs of the youth that participate in our programs. We provide programs that involve making young ladies more aware of their self-perception and the ability to reflect and assess their personal situations by educating them on the significance and importance of self-awareness. Our programs strategically identify causes of low self-esteem; provides understanding of self-perception; provides emotional support as well as social approval; promotes achievement; and helps adolescents cope with many issues. We provide programs that offer closeness with at least one lasting relationship with an adult by providing positive role models as well as a strong foundation for young ladies to build upon.

Our purpose is to empower adolescent girls by providing practical examples for them to use when faced with daily dilemmas. Through our programs, young ladies will be provided with a firm foundation to grow upon and become successful within their own lives. These programs also provide a sense of belonging so young ladies will not have to seek alternative sources such as gangs, prostitution and drugs. Ultimately, our programs provide constructive guidance, role models, and friendship.



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