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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide spiritually minded individuals with knowledge and experiences, which lead to higher levels of awareness, balance and the fulfillment of one's purpose, Our vision is to serve as a spiritual haven, while building a bridge from where you are in life to where you want to be. Values • Serving Others • Kindness • Compassion • Education • Fun


The Swan Center for Intuitive Living formed Swan Center Outreach, in 1999. Swan Center Outreach is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. It serves as a sanctuary for horses, many of which come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect; and offers educational programs, which demonstrate the spiritual and therapeutic value of a loving relationship with animals.

Our free and fee based programs offer hands-on experiences with horses, and showcase animals as teachers, healers and friends.

Our programs are open to children and adults alike and can be customized to accommodate physically and mentally challenged individuals.


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Would you recommend Swan Center Outreach?

by Carol V. (2016-07-14 14:51:22.0)
Swan Center Outreach partners horses with humans resulting in life altering experiences! Children,adults and families have the opportunity to learn about themselves by interacting with horses in a very loving,friendly and safe environment. This was the best time of my life!!
by Eddy S. (2016-07-14 03:15:20.0)
The love and care this organization provides their horses is outstanding. They treat their horses with so much respect and kindness, and they showed us how easy it is to do the same. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who cares for animals and wants to give back.
by Dervin G. (2014-04-10 12:48:31.0)
I'd recommend the programs of and volunteerism with Swan Center Outreach because not only did I get to serve and support but also took away so much more from the experience. I learned about effective communication physicalized through horse-human interaction: sound, body language and energy. I also learned about superior leadership with the horses: serving focused energy vs force so that there are win-wins and happiness on all sides without compromise. The incredible love of the animals, small and large, and the exemplary staff have embedded these realizations deep into my being. My heart is open, I cannot thank you enough. I'm certain this training will improve my personal and professional lives moving forward. I will be back!
by Nancy T. from Dillon, CO (2009-02-15 13:06:38.0)
I have had the most wonderful time volunteering at Swan Center Outreach! Grooming and feeding horses in a beautiful mountain setting - right on the Blue River, and also doing projects that help keep the animals healthy and happy, is such a rewarding experience. I really feel that I am making a difference!