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Mission Statement

The Earth Organization, doing business as the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, is an international alliance dedicated to raising Mankind's awareness of his vital partnership for survival with the natural world. Through education, activities, and good example, we are working to reverse those activities which are currently operating to the detriment of the planet, its environment, and all its life forms.


TEO was founded by internationally acclaimed, South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony, who is well known for his remarkable 5½-month rescue initiative of the animals and staff in the Baghdad Zoo, early in the Iraqi War.

As a result of his experiences in Baghdad, as well as a searching look at the down-trending statistics of the natural world on our planet, Lawrence decided to found a unique, independent, science-based environmental organization dedicated to bringing effective, long-term solutions to the global problems we all face. One key aspect that sets TEO apart is the understanding that, for a solution to truly be a workable, long-term answer, it must address and benefit by far the greater number of elements involved in any situation, including Mankind's global expansion, commerce, industry, people, jobs, other plants and animals, etc; not just a single aspect of the problem or a particular species.

We are pro business, pro expanding economy, pro jobs, pro people, in addition to being pro wildlife and environment.

When taking on projects, we 1) investigate to ensure that a real situation exists which needs to be addressed, 2) research to find the true source of the problem, and 3) find a solution which will not only stably reverse the decaying situation, but will be a solution that does not end up creating more problems later.


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