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Mission Statement

Who we are...

Specifically, Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. is an Equine Rescue Organization for rescued from slaughter, owner surrender and assisted placement facility for horses.

What we do...

We have been created for the assurance of the well being of equines. No matter the size, age or breed. We are an all volunteer organization that is solely dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of rescued from slaughter, owner surrender and assisted placement equines in the state of California . We do this by rescueing horses from killbuyer feedlots, taking in owner surrendered horses, assisting owners in rehoming their horses, and assisting law enforcement by means of providing a safe haven for the horse until further notice. We accept cruelty, neglect and seizure cases. Those that would like to donate their horses must meet certain criteria based on the ability of the equine to be placed due to our limitation of foster homes and funds.


  1. To educate the general public at large as to the serious issues facing horses in today’s society and what individuals can do to positively impact the outcome. This would be in regard to issues such as slaughter house practices, equine as food sources, etc.
  2. To educate the general public as to what constitutes horse abuse and neglect, related animal laws, how to recognize and report abuse, and how to obtain help.
  3. To aid unwanted, abused, and neglected horses from remaining in an unhealthy situation. To offer these horses a better quality of life.

Method...The methods used to meet these goals will be as follows

  1. Consultation to individuals, organizations, etc. by phone, mail, and in person, as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  2. Educational presentations for groups, schools, 4-H clubs, FFA, organizations, etc. in regard to basic horse needs, care, abuse and neglect, slaughter issues, etc.
  3. Offer gentle horses for therapy sessions to local agencies. Abused children, victims of assault etc.
  4. Direct mail campaign and advertising in every County in California and other States.
  5. Brochures to be distributed specifically and at large, aimed at teaching how to recognize and report equine abuse and neglect, summarizing animal laws, and instructing who to call for help. The brochure additionally identifies major issues facing today’s equine and makes suggestions as to how the public might get involved.




  1. Rescue-Our rescue efforts will consist of purchasing or acquiring horses from feed lots, slaughter houses, and donated or surrendered horses from individuals. We will rescue any cruelty, neglect or abuse cases wherever and whenever possible.
  2. Funding-Our efforts will be funded by donations from the general public, membership dues, contributions, fund raisers, adoption placement donations, and grants from grantors that support animal rights. Our rescue efforts will be conducted by Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue, its Officers, Members, and Volunteers.
  3. Rehabilitation-Once an equine is in our care we plan to rehabilitate him/her for as long as needed until the horse(s) are in a better state of health and condition with the following but not limited to vet care, farrier care, dental care, feed, hay, shelter, training and most of all love.
  4. Placement-After a certain equine has been rehabilitated and in a better state of health and condition, we will place that certain equine in our "Adoption Program" where the equine will be available to the general public. Our goal will be to find a safe and permanent loving home to continue to give the care he/she needs. The potential applicant will fill out an application to be considered for acquiring a certain equine in the "Adoption Program". The potential applicant will go through an investigation including but not limited to, a representative visiting the applicant’s home or boarding facility to ensure safe and adequate facilities, as well as determining applicants knowledge of equine care, contacting veterinarians, farriers, personal references by phone or in person to ensure a safe haven before the equine is placed in applicants care. Once the applicant is approved for the equine to be placed in their care, the applicant must pay a placement donation depending on the training, soundness and condition and age of the horse. The applicant is responsible for transporting the equine from our facility at their expense and within a reasonable time to be determined by both parties. After the placement has been made of the certain equine to the applicant, the applicant must then provide "Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue" with health documentation within the first year signed by a licensed veterinarian. If at any time the equine is found to be in unsafe circumstances within the first year, then "Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue" reserves the right to take into possession the certain equine placed with applicant with applicant receiving no refund.



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