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Mission Statement

Urban Releaf is an urban forestry/environmental non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was established in 1999 in the City of Oakland, California to address the needs of communities that have little greenery. Urban Releaf is committed to the revitalization of our communities through tree planting, garden projects and environmental education. Tree lined streets have been proven to be a viable necessity in most neighborhood planning and development efforts. Studies have shown that increasing the number of trees in an area improves the psychological well being of the residents. Urban Releaf understands that tree planting is an important service in continuing the effort to beautify our communities. To this end, Urban Releaf seeks to empower our residents including children and youth to beautify their neighborhoods. We believe that rehabilitation through tree planting and environmental awareness will revitalize our core urban areas.

Secondly, we concentrate on working with At Risk Youth organizations to promote and sustain community beautification projects. Our programs also expose youth to the various fields of arboriculture, biology, and advanced plant sciences.

In January 2005 Richmond Releaf combined with Oakland Releaf to become Urban Releaf, an organization dedicated to planting trees primarily in low to moderate-income communities that have little or no tree canopy cover. The goal is to revitalize these communities by planting trees, providing environmental awareness education and on-the-job training for at-risk youth and hard-to-employ adults.


Urban Releaf encourages community involvement and welcomes individuals of all ages and experience levels to join us on our volunteer days. Activities typically involve tree planting, flyering and help with environmental awareness workshops. To learn about upcoming events or if you wish to set up a work day for an organization or club, please email us atoaklandreleaf@yahoo.com.



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by Jamila S. (2012-09-30 09:50:11.0)
I was supposed to volunteer there yesterday (9/29/12); however, I sent a few questions through email one particularly about whether or not we were meeting at the office, or a different location - it went unanswered. I attempted to call the number in the initial email sent to me, it was a fax number. I went to their website and called the main number; no answer. Needless to say, I did not get the opportunity to volunteer here. I think this would have been a great opportunity to help beautify an inner-city community. However, it is an opportunity that will have to go unfulfilled.
by Michael C. from SC (2011-03-04 18:00:29.0)
As I read the information,this is a matter that I stand strongly fore.Growing fruits vegetable,medicinal plants bushes in our inner city youth housing and low income brings a giant light to health and wellness.I always wonted to get land and also promote this knowledge and wisdom to those whom think they have no life or future. hard work brings focus to a busy mind.nuturing elements promote life enhancements that even slow down adhd. Its a perfect way to create small jobs,education,survivle,nature,health n wellness,positive energy,esteem challanges to help move forward.add these things with stress relief modalities and you can heal to cure alot of communities.My family has land in north carolina and right now im in south carolina.My partner and I always talk about and wonder how do we get grants and education to move foward. www.rasekhi.webs.com and www.healingsource7.weebly.com are our sites.