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Mission Statement

The Attleboro Historic Preservation Society is a non-profit organization to assist the Attleboro Historical Commission in the preservation, promotion and development of the historical assets of the city. Its further purpose is to promote historical education for the greater benefit of the citizens of Attleboro. Furthermore The Attleboro Historic Preservation Society studies, collects and preserves historical records, traditions, relics, landscapes, landmarks and buildings relating to the history of Attleboro.


The Attleboro Historic Preservation Society, Inc. was organized by a group of citizens concerned with the future of the East Attleborough Academy Building. The building became the rallying point for the group. Saving the Academy Building from demolition was the galvanizing event resulting in the formation of the group. The Society will use the Academy Building as its headquarters from which it will inspire and lead the preservation movement in Attleboro. The Society has adopted the front view of the building as part of its corporate identity and the stylized column is the Society's logo. The restored Academy building and the Attleboro Historic Preservation Society will soon become one image in the minds of the community. The restoration of the exterior of the Building is one of the Society's first objectives. The exterior restoration will be thoroughly researched and executed. The Building will be restored back to its original exterior condition to the extent possible. The completed restoration will result in a physical structure that serves as the focal point for the Historic Preservation Movement in Attleboro. The fact that this structure will also be the operational headquarters for the Society will mean that the building will be both a physical focal point and operational focal point for historic preservation in our City. The Society's offices will be located inside the building. In addition, to the administrative space, the building will house the Preservation Resource Library and Media Room. This space will be devoted to research and resource materials available to Society members seeking to learn more about historic architecture. There will be periodicals and books devoted to historic preservation methods and techniques. Citizens will be able to research their property and obtain information on how to maintain it in an historically accurate manner. In addition to the printed resource materials, the Media Room will contain video, computer and Internet service. The Internet will be available to members for online research. The video and computer technology will be used for presentations. These programs will serve to inspire and encourage historic preservation. In order to assist members with Internet access, the Society Will sponsor a series of Internet and general computer training sessions. These will be presented throughout the year and continually cycle between introductory, intermediate and advanced training sessions. The Society will also use the public meeting space for educational presentations relating to the preservation of the City's historic structures. The Education Program will provide speakers discussing historic interiors, living in the late 19 th and early 20th Century, recognizing different types of architecture, period wall and floor coverings, historic colors, etc. Such presentations will increase participant's knowledge and encourage property owners to maintain their property and make improvements in a manner sensitive to the historical nature of the property. Other programs designed to encourage preservation and appreciation for the city's architecture are the Historic Structure Recognition, Historic House Tour and the Preserve With Paint Programs. The Historic Structure Recognition program will provide property owners who participate, a plaque for the front of their property attesting to the property's age and original owner. Properties, which have been restored or maintained consistent with their period, will have a gold "A" on their recognition plaques. The Preserve with Paint Program will provide property owners with low-interest loans when they paint their property, preserving the original siding materials. This Program will be administered from a revolving-loan fund so that the funds are continually reinvested into the community. The Historic House Tour program will provide citizens with a close look at various historic properties around the City. Such tours have inspired property owners to improve their own properties after witnessing what others have accomplished. The Preservation of Historical Documents and Artifacts is another important task that is recognized by the Society in its Mission Statement. While the Academy Building may not provide sufficient space to permanently house historically important items, the Society hopes to play a role in assisting individuals in locating items held by other organizations and, perhaps, in the temporary display of some of these items.



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