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Mission Statement

Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization with the mission of securing safe, loving homes for displaced or homeless Golden Retrievers.


We receive Golden Retrievers from owners who can no longer care for them because of changing circumstances in their lives. We maintain close working relationships with animal shelters in Sacramento and surrounding counties to ensure that Goldens are relinquished to us prior to being euthanized. We also rescue Golden Retrievers found wandering the streets or reported to us by concerned neighbors. We rescue Goldens of all ages, and even mixed Goldens on occasion. In the last 3 1/2 years, we have rescued a combined total of 750 Golden Retrievers. Each rescued Golden immediately receives a thorough exam at one of our participating veterinary hospitals. All of our Goldens will be spayed or neutered before an adoption can occur. All shots are brought up to date and each Golden is tested for heartworm. Since Homeward Bound is a true "no-kill" organization, we rescue the sick and injured Goldens as well as the healthy ones. Some of these Goldens will have significant health issues and it is our responsibility to provide them with expert veterinary care prior to offering them for adoption. Homeward Bound is not affiliated with any breed club. Consequently, we will be able to rescue Golden "mixes" when special circumstances arise. We have the capability to rescue a Golden even though it may not be carrying AKC papers in its luggage. In addition, Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. has just recently secured land for the purpose of constructing a facility to house as many as 50 golden retrievers at any one time, with a permanent caregiver in residence. This facility will be constructed more along the lines of a dormitory rather than the traditional concrete floor/cyclone fenced "shelters" in existence today. We need the capability to provide housing for the overflow of Goldens that have been rescued but not yet adopted, and to provide long-term care for those Goldens that are too difficult to adopt for age and/or health reasons (i.e. blind; amputee; etc.) For at least once in their lives, these Goldens will be afforded a true measure of dignity. Given the fact that we will now be rescuing an average of 350-400 Goldens each year, the need for a sanctuary is quite evident. However, it cannot come at the expense of our basic rescue activities. Our financial resources must first be allocated to the healing of the physical and psychological wounds of the rescued Goldens. Any surplus, or excess funds, will be reserved for sanctuary operations.



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