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Mission Statement

To feed the homeless and hungry of our community a hot, fresh, and nutritious meal every day, seven days a week, throughout the year. To do it in such a way as to give back to the people we serve a sense of their own dignity, and to restore their confidence in being able to resume their place in society with the rest of us, as productive citizens -- in short, to treat them like individual human beings in temporary distress, instead of as untouchables.


We recycle food from all available sources in Los Angeles (hotels, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, produce markets, caterers, film studios, airlines), so as to provide ourselves with a continuing supply of the highest quality fresh food AT NO COST, while at the same time involving the community at large in what we do



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by Candie G. (January 31, 2011)
My experience of handing over a plate of food has transformed my life – I would not have thought that it could but it has; as much as helping feed those who stand in line are impacted by the food on their plates, I have been impacted by their stories, the will to survive. The individuals that line up for a hot meal, a cup of juice, and sweet are not just homeless, drug addicts, or have mental illness, they are also grandmothers/fathers that have very little retirement, teens who have been abused or thrown out, workers who have lost their jobs or are under waged, and now struggling to pay the bills. Most of us choose to look beyond these individuals but the volunteers that help out can only see the face of humanity looking back at them, saying, “thank you”. I hope that one day I do not have to volunteer my nights anymore because there is plenty of food and shelter for everyone…until then I thank Peggy & Ted and the other volunteers. I am a volunteer and a neighbor.
by Lindy S. (January 25, 2011)
Living across from Poinsettia Park is a nightmare. Transients from the food program sleep in the park, using needles and accosting people using the park. Where else is there such a program who is in such denial aobut the damage they are doing to residents?
by Beth G. (December 27, 2009)
In response to one of your very negative reviews, I would like to inform the public that the GWHFC works hard to respect and respond to whatever requests the neighbors have made. The homeless on this food line do not go out and commit crimes after dinner. They help us clean up and go back to living on the streets. They are not criminals. Some of them are mentally ill. Some of them are addicts. Living on the streets is hard. They are courteous to the volunteers, appreciative of the food and human contact, and share with each other when there is little left to go around. If they were not fed and cared for, then they might go off, as would anyone, and commit crimes. But that is not the case. The GWHFC works hard to form a cooperative relationship with the businesses and residents near the corner on which the food line is held. It is a miraculous organization, working on a shoe string , to bring healthy food and kindness to those forgotten and less fortunate than most. Beth Goode
by Chanel B. from Manhattan Beach, CA (December 25, 2008)
I helped the Food Coalition feed the homeless and hungry when I used to work around the corner from Romaine and Sycamore. It was a well-organized, kind group of people, from Ted and his wife Penny, to the regular volunteers, on down to the UCLA students who came along weekly to help out. The homeless and hungry people who attend these nightly meals are treated with respect and empathy, and in return, many of them show their appreciation by helping to clean up the area afterwards. Yes, as the previous reviewer states, some of them are addicted to drugs, or mentally ill. But understand, this is the 'front line' of Hollywood's destitute, the folks who are down and out and need food and water in order to survive another day. The Food Coalition cheerfully feeds these people hot, healthy meals, when nobody else even wants to look at them.
by Paul L. (November 24, 2008)
This organization is a bad neighbor. It treats the surrounding community with disdain and has refused to work with local residents. Some of the homeless people who eat at the food coalition are drug addicts and/or mentally ill people. After they have dinner, they drift into the residential blocks nearby, and some commit illegal and even violent actions. I live a few blocks away from the food coalition. We have tried to work with the organization to reduce these negative consequences, but it has treated us with disrespect, and has often refused to even talk to us. They also don't coordinate their activities with homeless agencies working to actually get people off the streets. Instead, they seem more interested in enabling people to remain on the streets and keep on using. The food coalition says that it is concerned with the dignity of its clients - but they disregard the dignity of people who live in our community.
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