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Mission Statement

Hope of Children and Women Victims of Violence(H.O.C.W) provides opportunities for international volunteers to participate in the community programs on both long term and short term basis.in other to improve the life of victims of violence especially refugees coming from different countries like DRCongo, Sudan,Burundi, Ethiopia,Somalia and those in Uganda.
Volunteers live in Zzana on Entebbe Road and work directly with refugee community, providing mutual benefits to both refugee community and volunteers skills development and personal satisfaction.


Adult English Programmes :
All the refugees face the same problem of language when they arrive in Uganda: Many of the refugees are from countries such as DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, which do not share common languages with Uganda.
This means that the adult refugees struggle to find employment and carry out daily tasks once they cross the border.
Here volunteers help them to learn english to facilitate them to be intergrated in the society.

Volunteers who are interested in teaching children are sent to MIREMBE PRIMARY SCHOOL where most of children are the needy and most urban refugee children are sent there.

A volunteer choose which lesson to teach and this has to be arranged before he or she arrives in Uganda.

More information is indicated in Volunteer Information pack which is received after confirmation of the flight number.

The school has 120 students, just over half are refugees. Volunteers will work with the school staff to help teach English,Maths (and other subjects if possible) . The volunteers will frequently be faced by large classes with children of wide ranging age and English abilities, often in the same class.

Although they are sometimes a challenge to teach, the children always warmly receive volunteers and school staff are always on hand to give help and advice.


Volunteers who are most interested in Health program are involved in counseling this is done by inviting our clients to the office or by home visit .Others are sent to Health centers were most refugees get the health assistance.

Due that most of refugee women were sexual violated and others find themselves traumatized due to the experience they went through while at their origin home so counseling is vital to them as they get an opportunity for the voluntary HIV testing and later taught on how to live with or without the HIV AIDS and other chronicle diseases.

HOCW also runs seminars to inform refugees about common health issues and how to prevent them. Volunteers with a background in counseling will be gladly received and will have an interpreter to assist them in the sessions.


Sustainability and self-sufficiency are the one of the greatest gifts an organization can provide.
Income generating projects help pull out of dependency here we do welcome volunteers who may have skills which may be helpful to the women, as per now women managed to learn how to make different crafts, our liaison officer helps them to find some one to buy them in USA. The women hand craft project is very helpful to the community.

Cultural and Sports Activities -

Many of the refugee youths are vulnerable to idleness and the cultural and sports activities are a good way to encourage them to take an active part in society. We are looking for volunteers who have experience in coaching sports or are interested in teaching the refugees other cultural activities, such as drama or dancing. This is a part-time program.



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