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Mission Statement

AHEAD Energy assists schools and medical facilities in Africa to carry out their missions by helping them gain access to life-enhancing energy in an economically-sustainable, environmentally-conscientious manner.


AHEAD Energy is a US-based not-for-profit that identifies appropriate technologies to harness local energy resources in Africa. Focused on building capacity to deploy practical, sustainable, appropriate solutions, AHEAD has helped to enhance lives and livelihoods in Africa for over 20 years.

We envision a world where there is universal access to and wise stewardship of life-enhancing energy.

Lives are saved when medical facilities have access to high-end energy. Lives are enhanced when schools have access to high-end energy. People who are healthy and educated can assist their communities embrace sustainable development and to move up the energy ladder.

Values and Beliefs:

  • The lives of people everywhere are improved by energy solutions that optimize safety, health, technical viability, social responsibility, cultural appropriateness, economical viability, energy conservation, and environmental protection.
  • A transition to modern energy sources is urgently needed where people’s dependence on biomass impairs public health, the environment, and human development.
  • Energy delivery should be based on an evolving mix of energy resources and technologies that are readily available, reliable, and that allow for transitions to resources that have progressively smaller environmental footprints.
  • Choices about energy resource use should be stakeholder-driven and specified according to local contexts -- physical, cultural and economic.

Operating Principles/Values Statement

AHEAD will

  • Operate as anot-for-profit, localized, environmentally-conscientious, economically-scalable enterprise focused on energy-poor communities in Africa.
  • Follow its core beliefs without exception;
  • Follow the letter and the spirit of the law of any country in which we operate;
  • Refuse to be used to further partisan ends;
  • Make safety a top priority in project selection and execution;
  • Not turn aside from meeting essential needs other than energy when a particular project calls for or suggests linkages to water, agriculture, medicine, cooking, etc.



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