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Focusing on Austin ISD’s schools located in under-resourced communities and serving predominantly economically disadvantaged students, Austin Partners in Education delivers innovative, volunteer-driven academic and mentoring programs. APIE’s 1,550 volunteers work with students at pivotal junctures in their education, providing a vital extension of academic and social/emotional support to students. Through the flagship Classroom Coaching program, students benefit from small group (3:1 or below) instruction from volunteers drawn from more than 200 Austin area government agencies, businesses and community organizations.

In the 2017-18 school year, APIE will implement the following programs:

  • Middle School Math Classroom Coaching: Volunteers in the classroom work weekly with students to build a strong foundation in middle school math, putting them on track to succeed in high school algebra.
  • College Readiness: College Readiness Advocates provide tutoring and college access mentoring to prepare students for college-level coursework.
  • Mentoring (all grades): Volunteers work one-on-one with students during the school day to help students improve their social and study skills, strengthen their communication skills, and build self-confidence.


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by Pat A. (2011-01-12 15:47:16.0)
A great volunteer experience is about more than giving your time to a cause you care about. It is also about working with an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that your commitment of time and passion really makes a difference. APIE is providing that experience. The materials and training that support the in-classroom coaches are comprehensive, setting the coaches -- and kids! -- up for success from the very first day. The staff is accessible and responsive to volunteer challenges. And most importantly, the kids are eager to learn. APIE gets an A+!
by Joyce P. (2011-01-10 14:52:59.0)
I have been volunteering with APIE by working with second grade students on reading for the past three and one-half years. I continue to do it and recommend it to friends because it is a wonderful way to interact with and help young children. I like to work with emerging readers who especially need that extra help that volunteers can provide. The program is structured but provides flexibility and the leaders incorporate volunteer feedback into their plans for the coming years. Overall, it is one of the best volunteer experiences I've had.
by JENNIFER M. (2011-01-10 08:22:22.0)
Austin Partners in Education is a very worthwhile volunteer experience. I love the opportunity to get involved with students and help with improving their reading fluency. The kids are very excited when they have that 1 hour a week to meet with their volunteers/mentors.
by Annette D. (2011-01-04 15:07:48.0)
Although I was intimidated about the time commitment and was not quite sure how much self-confidence I had in this kind of role since it had been a while since I had worked with kids, volunteering as a reading coach has been a great experience. It has been much more fulfilling than challenging. The youthful enthusiasm, engagement and excitement I see in the kids (and other volunteers) is so motivating a catching. It has been easy to keep this commitment a #1 priority. APIE offers me a very meaningful way of giving back to my community, and even my own neighborhood. I am fortunate to volunteer close to home! It is hard to remember where else I have gotten so much out of just an hour a week. The training and support I have received from the APIE staff has been A+++. The kids, teachers, other volunteers are awesome too. I just know you will find it as enriching and rewarding as I have if you choose to be a classroom coach. Please consider joining us! It is a real win-win!
by Forrest "Frosty" W. (2011-01-04 07:35:57.0)
The mission for APiE, as I understand it, is to help Title 1 schools and their students. This is crucial. My experience, somewhat limited, has been a terrific one. I've enjoyed meeting and working with two young men (sixth graders) at a local Jr. High. I've received some helpful workshops from the staff at APiE and that has fortified my skills working with these "guys". The staff seems to be highly dedicated and compassionate, traits necessary for this type of organization. If you are motivated to help out with classroom education of young folks, then this group can facilitate that desire for you.