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Mission Statement

Space For Vision Projects is a contemporary arts organization created to support visual and performing arts projects that promote an awareness of the sacred. This organization was founded by the artist collaborative United Catalysts, in response to a decline in representation of the sacred in art during a transformational time for spirituality in world history.

The exploration of the sacred through art is as old as art itself, and has traditionally been one of the leading services that art renders to the public. Interaction with art that connects with a sense of the sacred can renew the spirit, promote compassion for others, create a sense of peace with one's place in the universe, and encourage stewardship of the Earth and one's community.


The purpose of Space For Vision Projects is to be of service to the public by supporting the creation of contemporary visual and performing artwork that falls under these guidelines:

1) Works should explore, point to, or promote an awareness of the sacred. For the purposes of this organization "sacred art" be defined as art which gives one a sense of something greater than one's self, or of the great mystery which is life and the universe. Sacred art need not necessarily connected with a particular religion.

2) Works should be made available for public view, by exhibition in a gallery, museum, or other public space, live performance in a public venue, or recorded performance available to the public through audio, video, internet or book.

3) The organization will give special consideration to works that are unable to be realized using solely traditional means of funding (i.e. commission or sales).

Space For Vision fulfills its purpose of supporting the creation of sacred art by hosting workshops, events, and exhibitions, and by funding the creation of new projects.

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