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Mission Statement

Serve as a regional resource, promoting growth in the sport of Ultimate and instilling the spirit of sportsmanship at all levels of play.


DiscNW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Seattle. We run ultimate leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics throughout the year. Our focus is on coed recreational play and youth ultimate. We also support elite teams at all levels and divisions. DiscNW serves as a web-based resource for individuals seeking opportunities to play ultimate at pickup games and in organized leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics. We support local teams (adult, collegiate, and youth) with technical support and limited financial assistance. DiscNW sells ultimate merchandise on a small scale. We communicate with and link together other regional ultimate associations.

Ultimate Frisbee combines the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football. A game of ultimate is played by two seven-player squads with a 175g plastic disc on a field similar to football. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent's end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. Ultimate is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than a ten-second count. Ultimate is unique amongst competitive sports in that games are governed by Spirit of the Game� - a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players rather than referees. Ultimate is played in more than 42 countries by hundreds of thousands of men and women, girls and boys.



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