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Mission Statement

Hospice Advantage provides the best end-of-life care through an interdisciplinary team that supports patients and families.

The mission is achieved by our commitment to cornerstone philosophies by:

  1. Providing quality end-of-life care to patients regardless of inability to pay.
  2. Promoting patient and family as the center of care.
  3. Promoting a supportive professional work environment.
  4. Evaluating customer needs to better meet the needs of the individual, referral source and community.
  5. Increasing access to end-of-life care.
  6. Supporting communication internally and externally that is timely, respectful and professional.
  7. Developing and providing innovative state-of-the-art care.
  8. Providing care in a fiscally responsible manner.
  9. Utilizing electronic systems to provide enhanced care capability.


Philosophy of Hospice Advantage Patient Care Services:

It is the policy of Hospice Advantage that while death is a natural occurrence, dying itself can be a major life crisis. The Hospice Advantage Team believes in the innate value of human life, in the potential for self-growth during and after times of crisis, and in the right of each human being to freedom of choice.

Styles of coping with crisis and stress vary widely among individuals. Hospice management is based on a holistic view of each patient, with attention to the physical, psychological, spiritual, and interpersonal needs as defined by the patient and family. Hospice treasts not just the patient, but also the family as a unit. Hospice is committed to deliver timely end-of-life care that is well coordinated, family-centered, and includes bereavement and counseling support.

The primary goal is to promote comfort care and quality of life after aggressive measures for cure have failed. Specifically, this means maintaining patients to be alert, comfortable and pain free in the place of their choice, in the manner they wish, and to provide the support needed to live and die in their own way with dignity maintained.

A secondary goal is to identify patient/family needs and then design interventions that will fulfill those needs, to implement the interventions, monitor the effectiveness and coordinate changes, as needed with other team members. Hospice will ensure continuity of care, consistent with needs of the patient/Family/caregiver.

Hospice Advantage shall provide specific levels of care, (i.e., Routine Home Care, Inpatient, Respite, and Continuous Care) based upon the patient's care needs.

Hospice Advantage will case manage and design services that are consumer oriented.

Hospice Advantage will acknowledge without discrimination the dignity, comfort, and choices determined by the patient/family/caregiver including the election of the Medicare benefits and alternative health care options.

Hospice Advantage has designed treatment protocols and interventions consistent with the philosophy, mission and purpose. It is supported through the interdisciplinary plan of care, and the implementation and evaluation of hospice services.

The patient/family core services implemented at each level of care reflect the hospice philosophy.



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