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Mission Statement

We at CASE are proud of our organization. We have designed a company and programs that
attempt to put the students, schools and families above all else in our cultural and educational
programs. In all of our J1 High School programs our goal is to bring people of the world closer
together. This is what motivates everyone at CASE to achieve in our daily work. We place the
following as part of our mission emphasis:
?? Tomorrow's leaders are today's children of the world; they come from all backgrounds,
nationalities, and beliefs.
?? Teachers, schools, host families, natural families, International and American representatives,
and the host community are all partners in the educational process.
?? CASE believes that true leadership begins with a commitment to service. We encourage all
program participants to live a life of service with integrity, dignity, and a dedication to a
belief system greater than ourselves.
We are proud of our local representatives in the field and our home office staff. They are all
deeply committed to bringing the message of our foreign exchange programs to all of our
participants and everyone involved in this wonderful work. We know that we can and do affect
change within our ever-shrinking world. The love and care that our international reps, students,
families, and schools display toward our goals are what make our organization successful.
"Bringing the World Together, One Student at a Time" is more than a slogan with words; it is why
we exist. We all know we are involved in a lofty and difficult mission. That is what makes us
strive for perfection. The knowledge gained by a homestay and school affects everyone. We
thank you all for making such a worthwhile endeavor possible.
All of our programs are carefully designed with love and attention to detail. We are proud to
say that our management team has been carefully selected to reflect a balance between
educators and business people at our national headquarters. We are fully aware that such
important programs require careful planning and organization as well as care, love and
attention. We know that we can make a difference in this world by working together for a
common goal. To love what we are doing and to be involved in such special programs make all
the effort and dedication well worth it.
Thank you for joining us at CASE and for helping us to truly make a difference.
Stacy Lynn,
Executive Director


Cultural Academic Student Exchange (CASE) is a non-profit, educational and cultural organization founded in 1988 on the belief that international student exchange promotes understanding, respect and goodwill among people of all nations. CASE brings foreign teens together with US volunteer host families. Our program grants students, host families and entire communities the ability to discover and value other cultures, which ultimately increases international harmony and creates lasting friendships.

Our program enables students from over 25 countries, ages 15 to 18 years old, to experience the American way of life by living with an American host family and attending a local high school, either for a full year or one semester. Students are carefully screened and selected by our international partners to be sure they possess academic achievement, exemplary character, adaptability, and a good command of the English language. Host families provide students with room and board as well as a loving home. They must demonstrate a willingness to share their lives with a foreign teen and have the student become part of their family.

CASE is fully listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and is also designated by the Department of State as a sponsor for the J-1 high school exchange visitor program.

CASE is proud of its mission to "Bring the World Together, One Student at a Time." We truly believe that our program is making a difference in the world and that our young people and volunteers are fostering international friendships that will reach millions of people and help to make our world a better place.



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