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Mission Statement

This program is designed to help students create and increase their own scholarship funding. With the assistance of this program, friends and family can play an important role in helping their loved ones achieve their goals in attending college. The main goal for this program is to provide scholarship dollars for every student that becomes a member of this program. We will do our part first. Every student that becomes a member automatically receives a $50.00 Scholarship to get them on their way. At MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program, our motto is scholarships earned for students by students. Therefore it is the responsibility of the student to earn scholarship dollars through the various options that will be discussed later on. The age range for participation is infancy and beyond. At the age of eighteen, students should be graduating high school and become freshmen at a college of their choice. They can continue to maintain their membership all during their college years to help them earn book money and living expenses. That is why it very important to start at an early age in this pprogram in order to achieve the most of what the program has to offer. On behalf of everyone here at MBPHl/YSP, we want to welcome you.


There are four options to increasing your son/daughter's scholarship dollars. The first option is to recruit friends and relatives to go to your website at http://mbphealthylivinginc.com. Each person that buy's from this website, automatically contributes 50% towards your son/daughter's scholarship funding. This is how your friends and relatives can help you build up your son/daughter's scholarship dollars. The second option is to refer your friends or family to this program, for every person you bring into the program you can earn an additional 20% to build onto your son/daughter's scholarship dollars. Third option is scholarship donations; friends and family can contribute by using the scholarship donation button if they choose to. For every scholarship donation in your son/daughter's behalf, they will receive 100% of the proceeds. The fourth and most important one is to maintain good grades. Once your child reaches the age of attending school and receiving report cards, they could receive 50% of potential earnings that would increase their scholarship dollars for the term. You will be able to check their scholarship dollars on a monthly basis by going to their scholarship page. Each month, you will receive their scholarship funds as a Savings Bond for the amount that they earned for that month. The Bond will be made to mature once they reach eighteen years old and ready to attend college. It is highly recommended that you open up an account for them where they can store their Savings Bond until they mature. So, to summarize the potential scholarship dollars that they canearn on a monthly basis is option 1) 50% of all purchases generated by your friends and family members by spending on your son/daughters My BigValue website. option 2) Referrals to this program earns you 20%, option 3) the scholarship donation button can earn you 100% and option 4) 50% of potential earnings just by maintaining good grades. This gives you a total of 245% of potential earnings every month. On the next page is a breakdown that will show your 245% potential earnings.



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