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Mission Statement

Secrease's Martial Arts Academy will strive to instill in the community through various programs for youth and adults, respect for others, physical fitness, moral education, self motivation, confidence, awareness of self and others, and the desire to strive for excellence through a curriculum of Tae Kwon Do exercise and its philosophy of the development of mind, body, and sprit.


Secrease's Martial Arts Academy promotes healthy lifestyles through a combination of physical conditioning, martial arts skill-building, nutrition education, and leadership training. Program participants achieve measurable milestones with the ultimate outcome of improved health, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy.

Classes consist of the following activities:

  • Physical conditioning: Participants execute a variety of fitness activities each class including running, jumping, push-ups and sit-ups. Stretching is an essential part of physical fitness and martial arts. Participants will stretch at the beginning and close of each class. This combination of activities will serve to improve the physical fitness and health of each participant and compliment the martial art skill-building process.
  • Martial Arts Skill-Building: Over the 40 years that Secrease’s Martial Arts Academy has been instructing children, youth and adults, an in-depth curriculum and testing regiment have been developed. There are eight belt levels that begin with white and culminate with black. Participants test for level advancement the second Friday of every other month. They must know all of the skills required for their level in both English and Korean and be able to perform them satisfactorily.
  • Nutrition Education: Nutrition will be taught as an essential piece of martial arts success and physical health.
  • Leadership Training: The training and skill-building routine that participants experience at Secrease's Martial Arts Academy, builds confidence, discipline, respect for self and others, concentration, awareness and leadership skills. Children and youth that participate in the Fighting for Health program improve their grades and develop positive attitudes toward academics as well as life in general.
This program teaches participants how to be successful. In addition, they are taught how to avoid conflict. They learn to value and respect life, two important aspects of violence prevention.

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