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Mission Statement

The mission of Y.E.S. Inc, is to provide a place for added peace of mind and relaxation through recreational activities. To focus on the on-going problem with child abuse. To empower troubled young people, their guardian`s, and family`s, to obtain the insight, skills and strength to engage in a life long process of success. The reality of Y.E.S. Inc, is to open the minds of the children for success. Expand their creativity as young individuals in the changing world we live in. To encourage teamwork and build self-esteem


About Us
_ Y.E.S. (Youth Entrepreneur Solutions Inc.), Y.E.S., is a nonprofit corporation, reaching out and providing exceptional opportunities for our "at risk" youth. Our focus is on improving and enhancing our "at risk " kids current way of life:

• Promoting the awareness of child abuse to the general public.
• Protection safety and welfare.
• Assisting in our own unique way to improve the life styles of our "at risk" youth. Kids that have fallen prey to a system that cannot be a providing mother to all. Those children needing refuge from verbal and physical abuse.

One of our goals is to inform the public about the many opportunities available for each person to help solve the problems of child abuse. Child abuse is an on going problem here in the U.S.A.

Y.E.S. was founded in 2001 as a recreational service agency. Soliciting the professional and collegiate sporting arena for ticket donation to be able to provide as a Reward / Incentive for admissions to Professional and Collegiate Sporting Events. Youth that are programming and meeting levels of prescription receives the opportunity to attend said events.

Since its inception, the Y.E.S. Foundation home base office has been that of the president. Since 2001, however, we are looking to expand into a more modernized facility.

The objective is to provide this valuable experience to as many children as possible in a positive and supportive manner. A positive, constructive and meaningful experience is the sought after result of the Y.E.S. experience. This experience may assist individuals to better understand the necessary skills that life demands and empower them to realize the choices and options available to them.

Y.E.S., will continue to target low to moderate to income families and youth placed in Shelter / Group Home and Institution settings by child protective services. These youth must earn the privileges by following rules and guidelines set by the participating organization management and staff. Youth that are meeting levels of prescription, as an reward / incentive are provided limited admission to the professional / collegiate sporting events, such as the Phoenix Coyotes, AZ Diamondbacks, AZ Rattlers, Phoenix Mercury, AZ Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, and the ASU Sun Devils etc.

Our Professional and Collegiate sporting events program, here at Y.E.S., gives these "at risk" kids ages 8 to 18 an opportunity they would not have other wise to experience the excitement of a professional sporting event. It increases confidence, practice teamwork, develop social awareness, and improve literacy and so much more. 100`s kids are approached through schools and social service agencies who work through out the year with "at risk" kids and families living below poverty level in Arizona. Y.E.S., offers many of our kids "at risk", their first experience to a professional / collegiate sporting event, where personal gain is protected and non-violence promoted at all times. For many of our kids at risk, violence is the only method they have learned for resolving conflicts and communicating non-violently is a challenge. By offering as an incentive our professional / collegiate sporting events program helps kids "at risk", develop resolution skills and the ability to express their feelings and needs in a safe and appropriate manner. We will continue to target kids placed in shelter, group and foster homes, by child protective service and low to moderate income families

Y.E.S. refuses to give up on kids who were born on the short end of the financial stick or who inherited parents who lack parenting skills. We know that our program, are not the panacea for all that ails our youth, but it is a step in the right direction.

Y.E.S. is a tax - exempt, not-for-profit organization dedicated to presenting professional / collegiate sports _ opportunities that are an integral part of each participants learning experience. This is done with the belief _ that every child should be able to participate in the program of his or her choice regardless of race, religion, _ creed, sex, ability, or financial status. This spirit is fostered in an environment where every child has a _ chance to play and learn, regardless of skill. Y.E.S.`s long term goal is to give its participants positive life _ long memories of their youth sports experience.

The "Y.E.S. experience" is designed to offer the following to each participant:
• Recreation through participation in organized team sports.
• The opportunity to learn and experience a variety of sports.
• A means to improve athletic skills
• A means to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.
• A source of fun and enjoyment to enrich their lives.
• A opportunity to enhance their health and fitness.

The parents and guardians of the participants also realize benefits. They are able to offer their children a positive, well-supervised experience as they learn the skills described above that does not necessarily require their time.

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