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Mission Statement

pww is slogan of peace in the world filled with chaos due to unsure circumstances in every aspect of life.pww was organized in 1996 by experienced and God fearing people,who heard the cry of million of parents.desperate to secure the future of their children but, were helpless.pww took the burden to help these helpless parents morally,socially and economically. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully initiated this Ministry by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and are planning to expand it by virtue and help of our friends and agencies all over the World,as our only financial source depends upon the Trust in Lord Almighty and then His God fearing people who have their hearts filled with sympathy for HELPLESS people. We provide all necessary needs and assistance to HELPLESS and NEEDY children i.e. Admission and monthly school fees, Uniforms, Books and Stationery, Transport for Schooling, Family Counseling for Spirtual Growth including SOS requirements.


Christian community is the largest minorty in pakistan with the population of more the 2,5 persent and spread up all most in every part of the pakistan.80% reside by the banks of sewerage and drainage canals of dirty water of the cities.christian adopted the most degraded profession of sweepers.this dilemma cost them to be called as untouchable cizens of the country and had been deprived of good education,respect in pakistan,good jobs and betterment of future. Unfortunately this crisis has put the whole community to face all sort of inhuman curses like Drug addiction, among children of ages from 10 to 17 years and older in crimes that is Robbery, Prostitution and illegal sources of money and most of all illiteracy.



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