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Mission Statement

Recovery Plus Foundation Mission Statement and Purpose

Recovery Plus Foundation has been formed for the purposes of assisting people with substance abuse problems, protecting and treating the public and families from the effects of substance abuse as well as lessening the burden on government associated with substance abuse direct costs and the related costs of crime and damage.

This assistance will be provided by supporting:

(1) Public education and promotion,

(2) Research, the support of research and the support of other organizations who support the purposes of this foundation and

(3) Financial assistance provided on a non-racial and non-religious basis for individuals who may not otherwise be able to receive treatment as a result of their economic circumstances.

The organizations objectives are limited to this scope in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Substance Abuse General: Alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medication abuse are the most common forms of substance abuse. Recovery Plus Foundation focuses on these abuses and assists with other substance abuse problems on a needs and resources available basis



To educate people about substance abuse, the associated problems and prevention, detection and treatment methodology, a wide spectrum of approaches will be used. We intend to develop communications programs targeted at several key groups:

Families and the General Public

Substance abuse is a genetic, psychiatric, medical and psychological disease affecting not only the individual with the substance abuse problem, but also the family and friends around them. The patients and other victims are largely unaware of the different diagnosis within the problem, as well as treatments and medications available to assist with the problem.Finding ways to increase public awareness of the condition will provide the dual benefit of increasing early identification and effective treatment of affected individuals and families and increasing support for the Foundation's activities as well. Recovery Plus Foundation intends to undertake a variety of public awareness efforts through the general and mass media, through publications targeted at parents, and through publications targeted at the medical community.

General Practice Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists

The personal physician is often seen as the gateway between an individual and changing medical treatment and medicines. Just like new surgical procedures and medicines; education of physicians regarding advancement in substance abuse prevention, detection and treatment need to be communicated to keep the general practitioners aware of the latest developments in this specialized area of health treatment through media and promotional educational programs. As well, general practice psychiatrists and psychologists need to be kept informed of changes in substance abuse treatment in order to make recommendations to patients.

Law Enforcement, Schools and Medical Consultants

Jail sentences, fines and discipline may have an impact on substance abuse offenders and their impact on society, however, the costs of incarceration and school drops-outs far exceed the cost of appropriate treatment. Police, teachers and educational consultants need to recognize substance abuse as a disease that can be treated, rather than it being a weak personality characteristic. Education of these professionals is essential to the best well being of society and the most effective and cost efficient solution to the substance abuse problem.

Medical Organization, Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Health Divisions of Government

Substance abuse problems affect approximately five percent of our population. Substance abuse is not incurable, but it requires a detailed treatment plan with appropriately trained staff. Substance abuse treatment in specialty facilities is expensive; however, it is significantly less than the cost of hospital treatment or the cost to society if left untreated.

Business and Industry: Employers are aware of substance abuse as a problem. The most common solution to this problem by employers is to discharge the individuals "caught" and try to not notice the problems of other employees that may be at risk. This practice is wasteful, as it leaves the workplace subject to safety risks and sub-optimal staff performance. Discharging staff rather than assisting them to deal with their problems results in staff turnover cost, recruiting cost and loss of training dollars invested in staff. Recovery Plus Foundation seeks to educate employers about the benefits of assisting employees with substance abuse problems and the overall reduction in human resource costs by acting in both parties' interests.


Research: Medical and psychiatric researchers who may be engaged in, or encouraged to initiate, research programs focused on substance abuse recovery are clearly a focus for Recovery Plus Foundation's support. Due in part to the advocacy of a number of substance abuse families and the limited research which has been conducted to date, researchers are becoming increasingly interested in the genetic cause and the bio-chemistry of substance abuse. By focusing communications programs on appropriate individuals, institutions and corporations, we hope to increase interest in research into substance abuse. While Recovery Plus Foundation cannot hope to single- handedly fund all the required research and development of new techniques, it is the foundation's hope that over the longer term, our limited resources can be used: to generate attention, interest and independent funding of needed research; to help focus research efforts on the most promising areas; and in limited cases to provide "seed" funding for promising, but unproven areas of scientific inquiry. Clearly, these efforts will be dependent on the foundation's longer-term success in fund raising.

International Communities: The founders Recovery Plus Foundation quickly learned that quickly that substance abuse problems and treatment are not confined to the US, or any geopolitical boundaries. Through the Internet and other media we are in the process of forming and will fortify strategic international relations with other substance abuse organizations to share knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse problems. One international substance abuse organization is known to have in excess of 6,000,000 members. Recovery Plus Foundation will develop a worldwide network using the Internet, media, publication and conference attendance to further the organizations causes.

Support Other Organizations whose Activities are in Support of the Foundation's Objectives: We have and will continue to identify and build close informational and mutually supportive affiliations with charitable organizations, which address some aspect of substance abuse. These affiliations will help us accomplish our awareness and education goals. Recovery Plus Foundation also anticipates building linkages to medical research institutions with an interest in substance abuse recovery. As our experience, affiliations and funding grow, we will formalize our efforts to identify the most critical research and/or family support needs and seek to provide grants to qualified organizations and institutions in support of the Foundation's mission and objectives.


Recovery Plus Foundation seeks to financially assist individuals by providing grants and/or forgivable loans to individuals requiring substance abuse treatment problems on a non-racial and non-religious basis for individuals who may not otherwise be able to receive treatment as a result of their economic circumstances. The following guidelines are used to determine the amount and type of assistance a candidate may receive from funds the Foundation has available. Although Recovery Plus Foundation may provide some grants, we have a preference for forgivable loans. Loans are forgiven over a period of time as an incentive for the individual to comply with their substance abuse treatment.

Needs based: At any point in time the organization shall consider the distribution of its funds on the basis of needs as determined by independent medical and psychiatric recommendations.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient: The determination of whether financial assistance is provided for inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment will be determined by independent medical and psychiatric recommendations.

Current financial status (income): The extent of financial assistance provided will depend on the income level of the individual (and their immediate family) at the time they apply for assistance. In addition the net asset position of individual (and immediate family) shall be considered as well.

Previous substance abuse treatment and funds spent: Preference may be given toindividuals who, in the opinion of independent medical and psychiatric professionals have a treatable condition and the person (and immediate family) has previously exhausted financial resources on substance abuse treatment. In such circumstances professionals may believe that the individual can be assisted, but has not received appropriate treatment in the past.

Program selection: The selection of program shall be based on independent medical and psychiatric recommendations as well as the professional fees and direct travel costs to such facility. Preference will be given to a facility with space available and appropriate treatment as determined by independent medical and psychiatric recommendations, at the lowest cost to the Recovery Plus Foundation.



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