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Mission Statement


The Statement of Purpose of Christian Horse-lover's Club shall be....

#1. To Reach people for Jesus Christ, to bring them to know Jesus as their personal Savior
and help them grow their relationship with Christ.
-A non denominational program

#2. To Teach Bible truth: in a unique way by applying God's Word...
A) ...To Teach Christian principles for living each day to develop good relationships with family, friends, community and while working with horses.
B) To Teach safety, care, communication, and much more information about horses.
- to teach and encourage those who love horses, but do not have one.
- to teach and encourage; those who have some horse experience or those who have a horse.

#3. To disciple and mentor young believers or any believers of any age:
- to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, strength and mind.
-to help them grow in their relationship with Christ, teaching practical scriptural principles
for personal growth and living and applying them to their interest and love for horses.
-to build caring relationships and enjoy Christian fellowship while learning about horses.

#4. To provide mature Christian experienced horse owners, who desire to reach out for Christ
into their own community, with CHC curriculum and information on how to run a
Christian Horse-lover's Club successfully on their own ranch or farm.
-The program is originally designed as a girls club, but the curriculum is not limited therein,
for it can be adapted to a boys club or families, or couples, or ladies club.

#5. To elect its own officers and to arrange for its own meetings and to govern itself.

#6. Incidental to, or in connection therewith, it shall have the right to purchase, own,
hold in trust, use sell, convey, mortgage, leased, or otherwise dispose of such property, real or chattel, as may be needed for the prosecution of its work.

#7. To serve as an organization exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



Christian Horse-lover's Club (CHC) is a 501 c) 3 non-profit organization that has developed Christian curriculum with a horse emphasis. CHC helps horse-loving people learn Bible truth for Christian living as they learn more about the horses they love. Members do not need to own a horse, but some do.

The CHC curriculum has 21 Bible-based non-denominational units. Members work to fulfill the requirements, such as: Scripture memorization, 6 Devotions, 3 Projects/Activities and Bible reading. When a unit is completed the girls earn a charm to go on the CHC charm chain. There are different award options for a boys club, too!

The Devotions are Bible studies related to some aspect of horses and horsemanship. Some of the units are: TRUTH, CARING, CREATION, IN TRAINING, DESIGN, SHOWING, BITS & BRIDLES, TRUST & TRAILS, COMMUNICATION & CUES, CHOICES, RIDING CUES, WISDOM and more...

A Chartered CHClub is operated by an approved leader who has successfully completed the leadership application process . The application process helps CHC Inc. assure parents that Chartered CHC Inc. leaders are sincere Christians with plenty of horse knowledge who can be trusted with their youth.



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