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Mission Statement

  • To harness and supply resources so that no one in Eastern North Carolina goes hungry or without clothing.
  • To teach, by example, as many people as possible, that through social consciousness, giving, and selfishness, the entire world can thrive by helping one another, one person at a time.
  • Serving the Widows, Fatherless Boys, Orphans, Strangers, and Homeless


Our Purpose:
To increase public awareness of hunger, lack of clothing, lack of furniture, and transportation in Eastern North Carolina.

Joseph Provision was formed to provide a food and clothing distribution center for the less fortunate, especially children. In addition to providing furniture and vehicles to the less fortunate.

It was formed to provide research, educational and informational activities to increase public awareness of the less fortunate and the needy. in our area.



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by brenda g. (2012-04-08 00:15:42.0)
VERY LIKELY I am opening my small business for EMERGENCY SHELTER..I like helping unfortunate I have lots to donate so does some of my friends.Being a volunteer will help lots of parents and children to receive needy items that they need.I would like to join to get experience while all the while helping the needy.