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Mission Statement

10 Books A Home is a 501(c)(3) early childhood education nonprofit whose mission is to close the achievement gap by ensuring low-income preschoolers are positioned in their homes for school success.

To fulfill its mission, 10BH brings volunteer Role Models into the homes of Learners to provide them and their parents with 1-on-1 tutoring, positive role modeling, and home libraries.

Please visit our website for a full description of what 10BH does. www.10bh.org


Be A Child's Role Model. Just 1 hr a week!

Prevent the achievement gap and break the cycle of poverty by preparing children and families for kindergarten.


Role Models make a 6 month commitment to tutor a 3- or 4-year old child once a week in their home. Role Models bring and read donated books, have conversations, play letter and number games, practice writing, and engage in other creative activities that motivate children to learn while developing literacy, language, numeracy, and social-emotional skills. One lesson usually results in two-three hours of additional family learning.


  • Must make a 6 month commitment, once a week for one hour
  • Lesson schedule: Monday-Friday 12:00-6:15 PM
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must pass a background check
  • No experience required


  1. Complete an online application: CLICK HERE
  2. Complete a phone interview, office interview and background check
  3. Complete a Role Model training
  4. Be paired up with a child and begin preparing him or her for kindergarten!





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Average Review 18 reviews

Would you recommend 10 Books A Home?

by tiffany d. (2013-11-05 23:44:43.0)
10BH is an amazing organization that gives you the opportunity to make a change in a child's life, for just an hour a week. Given the tools to set you and your little learner in the right direction, the possibilities are endless! It is very endearing to see the child you are working with progress, and you will be amazed at how just one hour can go such a long way. This driving force behind this organization is every growing, and serves a very important purpose that not only affects their actions at school, but their relationships at home as well. I would say volunteering for 10BH is highly addicting, you will look forward most definitely to your time with your learner every week!
by Shannon J. from CA (2013-10-07 23:46:50.0)
My 3 reasons for volunteering with 10BH: 1) Its mission: I'm a strong believer in the power of early intervention programs for children. Starting off their K-12 education on/ahead of level is crucial for a child's future. 2) It's personal: Volunteering with 10BH allows me to interact one-on-one with my Learner (3-5-year-old child) and his/her parent(s). I directly see the impact my visits have each week and also see how we all mutually benefit from our interactions. 3) It works with my schedule: Like most of us, I have a very busy schedule between work and home. Volunteering one hour per week is very feasible with my schedule. As a bonus, Paul (Founder/CEO) and Natalie (Program Manager) make an excellent team and their passion for improving children's opportunities through early childhood education is contagious!
by Theresa C. (2013-10-07 13:46:37.0)
I'm a fairly recent addition to the 10 Books a Home "Role Model" list, having met my Learner, Luis, in mid-August. It's delightful to spend time with him and his family, encouraging a love of learning that has been such a big part of my life. The training session, given by Natalie and Paul, was incredibly eye-opening. I have learned so much by being a Role Model, and am committed to helping Luis and other children get ready for kindergarten. Check it out. Being a Role Model is so rewarding, on so many levels.
by Mary E. (2013-10-03 11:50:16.0)
Why? Let me count the ways! It's fun. The child and the child's family appreciate you. The staff give you all the support you need to be a success. You KNOW you are doing something that will be effective in the short run and the long run.
by Kate C. (2013-10-02 18:46:00.0)
If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity where you have a direct impact, there's no better place. In just one hour every week, you can help an entire family reach their full potential. I've been a Role Model for my Learner Leo since April 2012. Over the past year and a half I've seen Leo grow so much - learning the alphabet, mastering counting, writing like a champ, and all the while becoming more confident with his English, expanding his attention span, and developing interests in the world around him. But it's not just Leo who benefits, Leo's mom, Maria, sits in on every lesson, often with Leo's older brother and younger sister participating. Leo's younger sister is only 2 but she can sing the ABCs and count along with her brothers. I'm watching the whole family blossom. Another great part of 10BH is the startup mentality. The CEO is always looking for ways to improve the program and welcomes expert assistance whenever it's offered. Plus his enthusiasm is infectious!
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