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Mission Statement

We Can Go works to remove transportation as a barrier to the full participation of students in programs targeting disadvantaged youth


Who we serve:
We Can Go serves Title 1 Students throughout the country. Title 1 students oftenlack support systems that would allow them the opportunity to become successful inthe classroom. These children frequently may not have access to stable housing,safe recreation areas, or good nutrition ― basic necessities that encourage healthydevelopment. Additionally, many of these children come from homes where a single parent or grandparent works multiple jobs to support the family, or two adults work long hours to provide the basic necessities to survive leaving little or no time for
encouraging a child’s educational development. Under these circumstances, it is any wonder that these children struggle in the classroom, become disinterested in school, or are targets for gangs and violence.
While some Title I students eagerly and enthusiastically walk into a classroom, ready to learn, others need motivation, inspiration and a reason to focus on school.
Teachers in Title 1 schools encounter students facing life struggles many of us cannot imagine. Encouraging these students to concentrate in the classroom can be
a daunting task for teachers and the school system.

Who helps meet these needs
The good news is there are many non-profit organizations that sponsor activities
which help Title I students overcome the barriers to a positive and fulfilling educational experience. These programs are safe and nurturing places for a student
to go when school ends. Many of these programs re-expose (or may be a student’s first exposure) to art, music, science, and team athletics. Ultimately, these afterschool activities encourage students to stay in school, focus on their education, and work hard to achieve a positive goal. Additionally, these activities allow students to see that they have options and can make opportunities for themselves. Teachers
and schools can play a pivotal role by encouraging Title I student involvement in these extracurricular activities as an incentive to motivate these students to succeed.

The Missing Piece
Although non-profit organizations may provide a safe space or a program targetingTitle I students, these resources are of little use if the student cannot access theprogram. A student’s family may not have a car or the family lacks the finances to afford bus or train fare, or the school’s budget does not have sufficient funds to pay for transporting students to activities. Regardless of the reason, access can be a significant barrier to student participation in extracurricular activities.

We Can Go is the solution to this problem. We Can Go helps organize and raises money to pay for transportation that allows students to fully participate in these extracurricular activities.

How We Can Go Works
We Can Go works with school districts and non profits to identify Title 1 schools that may benefit from our services. Once a school is identified we work with the
principals, teachers and students to develop a plan that supports the school’s goals. Next, We Can Go assists in locating programs, events, and extracurricular
activities that will motivate and inspire students to learn and expose them to ideas that will broaden their experiences. Finally, We Can Go will prepare a budget
necessary to provide the transportation services and launch a fund raising campaign.

After the money is raised for the transportation WCG will arrange and pay for the
transportation for the activity.

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