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Mission Statement

Suzanne's Sensational Foods is a small salad dressing / marinade company that is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and the importance of eating a healthy diet. Since its inception in 1993, Suzanne's has always donated a portion of every sale to breast cancer causes such as education and other fundraising events. We have been a part of the 'cause-marketing' set since before Paul Newman made the idea famous! Beginning in the year 2000, Suzanne's has conducted a fundraising event on the Charity sight of eBay on-line auctions. We have collected the autographs of over 170 celebrities from movies and television, sports, publishing, music, and business. These autographs are auctioned to the highest bidder on eBay during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The proceeds from the auctions are then donated to breast cancer research. The list of these celebrities can be viewed on our website at suzannesfoods.com. The website also offers more information about Suzanne's Sensational Foods, company owner Suzanne Locklear and her personal battle against breast cancer.


Title of Opportunities: Posting on bulletin boards and sending E-mails Contact E-mail: Barbara Jibben, Suzanne's Sensational Foods (bjibben@suzannesfoods.com) Description: Suzanne's Sensational Foods will be conducting the Second Annual Celebrity Autograph Auction for Breast Cancer Research in October 2001. We have collected the autographs of over 170 celebrities from movies and television, sports, publishing, music, and business. (The list of these celebrities can be viewed on our website at suzannesfoods.com) These autographs are auctioned on eBay to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Since our fundraising event is conducted via eBay, people all across the country have access to it. However, getting the word out about the auction is a challenge for us. Suzanne's is a small company with one full time employee (Suzanne!) and two part-time employees. We do our best through press releases and tapping into the contacts that we already have, but more needs to be done. We are asking for volunteers who would be willing to help us get the word out via E-mail and postings on bulletin boards. We discovered last year (our first year of this event) that by going to the fan sites for those celebrities that have sent us autographs that there is often an E-mail address to contact either the fan who has constructed the site or even a full fledged fan club. There are also bulletin boards at some of the sites. We would ask that volunteers each take a part of our list of celebrities and check for these types of opportunities, then send an E-mail or post a bulletin that would tell these fans about the auction of their celebrities autograph, that the auction is part of a fundraising event for breast cancer, and give the web addresses to Suzanne's website and to the eBay auction site. Last year we found people very receptive to these kinds of notification. It really helped bring people to the auction site, and increased many of the autograph bids. People are happy to have a chance to receive the autograph of someone they admire and to be donating to a worthy cause in the process. We would also be thrilled to have volunteers simply notify anyone they know or organizations they belong to about the auctions. These E-mails and bulletin board notices would need to take place beginning the first of September and continuing through the first two weeks of October 2001.



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